Vismara Design in a completely new look: Circus Limited Edition

On the occasion of the 58th Salone del Mobile in Milan, Vismara Design will exclusively present a new eclectic collection: Circus Limited Edition.

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Vismara Design will present a collection with a strong visual and conceptual impact, which will immerse guests in a whole new world.

The strong concept behind Luxury Entertainment collection– the idea of ​​private entertainment that led to the creation of luxury furniture for Home Theater Rooms and Game Rooms– is revived this year in its entirety.

Vismara Circus Edition
Vismara Circus Edition

The setting up, designed under the art direction of Milanese architects Giulia Mariani and Lorenzo Viola, has been studied to give a unique experience to all those who visit the Vismara booth.

Already from the outside, the visitors will have the perception of finding themselves in front of a sparkling Broadway-style theater, where illuminated signs and a multitude of light bulbs recall the bohemian atmosphere of 20s in New York.

A central foyer will allow to reach different environments, all characterized by different elements but accompanied by a common style.

The home theater room, complete with all the elements necessary to live an exclusive experience inside your own home, is flanked by an intimate billiard room, the perfect setting to spend your free time in a reserved and extremely elegant environment.

Again this year, the cinema room will be accompanied by the excellence of Samsung IF Seriesscreen. It is now the second year that Vismara and Samsung collaborate closely, through exhibitions, events and ad hoc projects around the world.

The product will be presented this year, is a screen whose visual qualities exceed any standard; with a 146-inch screen and a pixel pitch of 1.2, Samsung offers a product of extreme luxury that goes to modulate on the needs of the individual customer.

Continuing along the path the fulcrum of the booth is reached, a space where the playful spirit of Vismara products is perceived in its entirety, and where the new Circus collection shows itself in all its wonder.

Circus is born from different influences and suggestions: its name refers to the feeling of awe and wonder felt in front of a circus show, where magic and unpredictability allow to penetrate into a dimension out of time.

The inspiration for the creation of these limited-edition artworks comes from different artistic trends that merge into a perfect synthesis. The world of scientific illustrations of the eighteenth century

is intertwined with the surrealist artistic movement of the early 1900s. Ancient illustrations are transformed into imaginative interpretations of dream worlds, through Dadaist-style collage.

As in an eccentric modern Wunderkammer, the Circus edition immerses the viewer in an extraordinary universe.

These worlds populated by bizarre figures, illustrated by the artist Caterina Orlando, conquer the Poker Table cloth, whose uniqueness is underlined by the production of a few numbered copies.

The one who will have the pleasure of owning a poker table from the Circus collection, will be the owner of a unique piece of art and design.

Among the new products that enrich Vismara Entertainment collection, there will be Arya, the new table for Air Hockey, a dynamic game revived through a modern and sophisticated design.

Another great novelty in the family of games is Argo, the new darts game, an element that embellishes any wall thanks to the eccentricity of the Circus illustrations and the care given to all the details.

Vismara Design is pleased to invite all those who want to get lost in the incredible Circus world and explore the concept of Luxury Entertainment, to visit its booth E06, Hall 1 xLux, from 09 to 14 April.

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