Lürssen Yachts presents “Haven”

Haven by Lürssen Yachts

The new masterpiece of 2024.

The builders of the biggest superyachts in the world, Lürssen Yachts, do it again, delivering yet another masterpiece. This one is named “Haven” stretching 269 feet (82 meters), at a cost of $150 million built for an unnamed American billionaire.

This is the third Lürssen beauty to be delivered in 2024 in an impressive line up that already includes Luminance (455 feet for $500 million owned by Ukrainian billionaire, Rinat Akhmetov) and Kismet (400 feet for $360 million owned by Pakistani/American billionaire Shahid Khan). Haven has embarked on her maiden voyage through the Kiel Canal in Germany headed to Gibraltar.

Lürssen Yachts presents "Haven"

For normal folks this is a standout, but in the superyacht universe, Haven is ranked as only the 172 largest and is the 45th largest yacht built by Lürssen Yachts. However, with her 269-foot length and 41 foot beam, she is among the world’s largest trideck superyachts afloat today. She was built for an experienced owner with an active lifestyle and a clear vision for their vessel: generous outdoor space, a family-oriented layout, and storage for water toys and diving gear.

Highlights include a 3,229 square foot sun deck with a 8.2 foot ceiling height and moveable windbreak panels, and a generous beach club with single-step sea terraces and a seamless connection to the sea.

Lürssen Yachts presents "Haven"

The concept and exterior design of Haven were developed in-house at Lürssen by the talented Jim Robert Sluijter. Haven features a low profile with long, elegant, feminine lines that sweep from bow to stern, lending her a touch of majestic athleticism. Key to her design are sinuous concave patterns that run across her superstructure, reflecting the movement of waves when the sun is in the right position. Her sleek exterior is balanced by a contemporary interior, created by the British studio RWD. The choice of materials is natural and pure, while the design itself features asymmetrical shapes and a dynamic layout.

Jim Robert Sluijter, Lead Exterior Designer at Lürssen, commented: “The owner fell in love with the first outline of the project, and as a result, Haven has barely changed from the original sketch. Haven feels very different from many other yachts; she has a practical and functional design that places great emphasis on outdoor living. Thanks to an interplay of light and glazing, all interior spaces are well connected with the outdoors.”

Lürssen Yachts presents "Haven"

Our team went on a journey with the owners and their family to create a distinct design vocabulary, with subtly crafted details that create a playful and timeless interior,” shares Mattia Mazzucchi, Head of Interiors at RWD. “Through the combination of curated pieces and custom designs, every inch of Haven is beautiful, personal, and functional.  Striking artworks draw the eye with their vibrancy around every corner. Bold, confident, fun, and energetic, where the joy of color takes center stage.”

Peter Lürssen at the helm of Lürssen Yachts was proud of how his in-house team collaborated seamlessly with the outside designers. Haven underscores Lürssen’s commitment to placing its owners first and highlights its versatility as a custom superyacht builder, thus maintaining its position at the forefront of the superyacht industry.

Hope Gainer

Photos © Finn Karstens

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