Luxury Villa on Lake Como

Luxury Villa on Lake Como

Classic Baroque style for an emotionally evocative Interior.

A completely renovated historic luxury villa from the early 1900s on the shores of Lake Como, serves as the ideal setting for a furnishing experience crafted by Angelo Cappellini. Located in the heart of Brianza, the company is Internationally recognized in the classical and contemporary design sector, and executes ambitious turnkey projects reflecting clients’ distinct personalities.

This interior project is an harmonious conversation between indoor and outdoor spaces, natural environment and furnishing design which creates a unique and evocative atmosphere. Each element by Angelo Cappellini is a manifestation of utmost precision, elegant beauty, and timeless sophistication.

Villa with terrace on Lake Como

The company’s collections adorn one of the five apartments into which the villa was divided during the renovation, preserving the original architectural structure. A classic and Baroque style pervades the space with the first floor dedicated to the living area and the upper floor reserved for the sleeping area, totaling 250 square meters. This distinction is highlighted and reflected in the nuances and colors of the furniture and finishes.

In the living area, the living room and dining room are enriched with various elements from the Canaletto collection, including a table, dining chairs, and furniture accessories to create a complete area. To level up each element to precious uniqueness, rich details, such as white finish characterized by touches of patinated gold leaf, illuminate the deeper tones of the fabrics and velvets of the seats. The chairs and head-of-table seats in the collection shine with unparalleled sophistication and proudly recall the Baroque style thanks to the exclusive shell-shaped carvings that skillfully adorn the front and the crest.

The sideboards and display cabinets, with their sinuous and curvilinear shapes, are available in three different models: two-door, corner, and single-door, all enriched with intricate hand-carved details.

Luxury villa on Lake Como in classic Baroque style

The dining table top features a polished finish contrasting with the base and choosing woods, according the designer’s directions, that coordinate with the antique pink (the client’s color choice) of the furnishings and curtains.

In the living area, there is a fully upholstered sofa perfectly in tune with the Baroque-style armchairs, modified in the upholstery and simplified in the upper part of the backrest to create aesthetic and stylistic harmony with the sofa. The elegant and comfortable design of these furnishing elements contributes to a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Moreover, a serving trolley, a small table with a luxurious Calacatta Gold marble top, and a TV stand offer the right combination of practicality, luxury, and design.

The living room of the luxury villa on Lake Como in classic Baroque style.

The sleeping area has a different ambiance, featuring shades of blue that connect with the outdoors and reflect the crystal-clear waters of the lake visible from the balcony. The fresh tones of the wallpaper and the slightly antiqued silver finish of the furniture elements all contribute to a refined atmosphere.

The Wagner collection stands out in the bedrooms thanks to details creating an extremely refined and luxurious environment. The Wagner bed is a timeless classic, adaptable to any project with variations in size and headboard composition, including bed frame or footboard options, and available in numerous finishes and fabrics. The carved crest of the Louis XV Wagner bed features a pattern of sinuous and geometric lines that blend perfectly together, enhanced by a gold leaf finish that adds an extra touch of light.

The Wagner collection embodies elegance and personality, showcasing the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail of Angelo Cappellini’s master artisans, where each piece is imbued with history and culture.

Bedroom in classic Baroque style.

Completing the bedroom furnishings are a chaise lounge and a triple mirror from the collection, while custom-made wardrobes, dressers, and TV cabinets make each piece unique and perfectly integrated into the design.

Angelo Cappellini‘s collections are distinguished by their design and production versatility, capable of personalizing every residential and contract space with a distinctive classic identity.

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