LUXXU’s new collection: Talie


Timeless mid-century modern elegance in Monet Pearl Fabric.

LUXXU‘s empire is defined by its commitment to timeless elegance and attention to detail, creating luxury through expert craftsmanship. Each piece embodies bold design and distinctive lines, transforming any space into a modern masterpiece. LUXXU prioritizes personalization, offering a range of premium materials, from noble metals to high-end fabrics, to tailor every aspect of its products to its clients’ preferences.

And now, LUXXU proudly presents its latest collection, Talie, a new series of mid-century modern upholstery, dressed in Monet Pearl fabric.

The Talie Single Sofa displays a voluptuous profile that offers extra comfort and style. This exclusive piece is upholstered in Monet Pearl fabric. Its backrest is slightly curved for added aesthetics and attached to a golden metallic support reminiscent of the mid-century modern era.

The Talie Dining Chair breathes life into movements like Art Deco and mid-century, reshaping the dining scene with its thought-provoking design. Inspired by the natural architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, it features accentuated details such as its arched backrest and brass build reminiscent of a forte. Evoking modernity at its finest, the Talie Dining Chair is a testament to progressive design.

Talie Round Sofa embodies the majestic aura of mid-century modern style with its rounded corners, soft edges, and distinctive details. Upholstered in Monet Pearl fabric with geometric patterns, it features brass accents and an integrated side table. Talie seamlessly introduces neutral glamour to any living room while offering convenient charging solutions with its built-in system, including one wireless charger and two USB power ports.

In addition to the Talie collection, the appeal of Verona Rectangular Rug is introduced, a captivating floor solution inspired by topography and nature. Crafted from bamboo, this rug’s intricate lines mirror the contours of valleys and rivers, offering a blend of Italian influence and contemporary design for interiors.

The Romanesque allure of the Verona Round Rug is also presented, designed to evoke the serene ambiance of Italian riversides. Hand-tufted with bamboo, its flowing lines and rounded form merge artistry with history, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

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