I love Oysters

The scent of the sea is just a click away, thanks to an innovative way to enjoy a product that we could definitely call unusual in the world of online purchases. Yet, someone believed in this project, and now we’re able to enjoy it, sitting comfortably in our living room, with soft music, chilled bubbles and sparkling flutes: a plateau of fresh oysters is about to be delivered. A project that could seem too ambitious for the founder and creator of this service. Instead he, Luca Nicoli, a professional trained in GDO’s fish markets, decided to keep going despite those who tried to dissuade him from this crazy and risky idea. He started an e-commerce and delivery service dedicated to high quality fish for individuals and restaurants, and then focused his considerable expertise on the niche market of “fish jewelry”, including coquillages, caviar, crudités and, above all, oysters. That was his brilliant idea that made Bergamo the 2.0 oyster capital.

He created a website, www.iloveostrica.it, which is a window on the world of luxury fish: through it, you can taste Nicoli’s valuable product, offered in thirty different variations, right in the comfort of your own home.
Form French oysters to Italian and Northern European ones – the assortment increased thanks to agreements signed directly with the producers, all of which have been carefully selected by Nicoli.

iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli
iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli

He is able to guarantee the delivery of high quality products in a short amount of time; always ensuring its utmost freshness: indeed, the products are frozen at -40° right after being fished, in order to eliminate any risk of parasites, and they are traced throughout the entire production chain, from the sea to the delivery. Every oyster is chosen only after verifying and knowing each individual producer, which is always subject to specific self-regulations and has to respect seasonality and sustainable fishing norms. I Love Ostrica has only one warehouse, the sea: that’s why it is impossible to imagine a fresher fish and that’s the reason for its incredible success – more than 15 million oysters delivered since 2013, numbers that make him an uncontested market leader.

iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli
iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli

As a true expert of fish, Nicoli also realised that he had to build a concept around his product: time for a whirlwind of events, show cooking, masterclasses, home dinners with chefs and experts, even a sommelier that can help you pair the perfect champagne with your oysters – just a click away. For those who wish to learn more, there’s also the Oyster Academy, as well as educational evenings where you can learn the difference between the most important varieties such as Tsarskaya, the Russian Tsar’s favorite oysters, served with caviar and vodka, the Gilardeaux produced in the icy waters of Normandy and Ireland, the Bélon, the flat oyster par excellence which is bred in Brittany, with its inimitable aroma, the Fin de Claire Verte, red label, a high quality product, with a unique green color and a typical terroir flavour developed after a four-week refinement in sea water basins; and let’s not forget the Prestige des Mers, a white shell smoothed by the oceanic foam that, once opened, reveals an aroma of chives which goes perfectly with a fruity wine.
Those who are not the biggest fans of oysters will appreciate juicy amberjacks or fresh tuna, seafood truffles or wild salmon, scampi and prawns to be enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon, or even sea urchins, without forgetting an high level gourmet option for those who don’t like fish, ranging between pata negra ham or soft fresh burrata. Place the order at least three days in advance before your special evening. www.iloveostrica.it … the sea at your doorstep.

iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli
iloveostrica.it by Luca Nicoli

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