Maison Valentina, ideas for a contemporary salle de bain

Simple but nice, fresh and with new forms. When it comes time to redesign the bathroom, in the wish list often emerge austere light shapes that give the feeling space in a mix, why not, of vintage furniture.

Eyes closed imagine the decoration to apply: live and stylized? Or soft and tenuous? Inspiration is open and everything is allowed. The important thing is that the final mood is comfortable and the atmosphere created give relax in harmony.

The design of the 60s and 70s well suited in this perspective to be the starting point, Inspired from his geometric components and clean lines. The bath multi-faceted Diamond of Maison Valentina silver leaf finishing and glossy paint is a good example how these elements can be revisited in a contemporary way.

Care of details: taps, mirrors and fixtures make the difference in a glance. Simplicity is the slogan of a furniture fluid to ensure enough space and avoid visual chaos. The shelving can be a good solution to park other personal items used in everyday life. It has an interesting Metropolitan sink, tribute to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the center of New York, in the 5th Avenue with mirror lacquered black and black marble marquina, it adds a touch of delicacies at the modern luxury bathroom.

The lighting is a crucial part to stay in tune with the chosen mood. The hanging lamps can be perfect: different from the classic chandelier, down from the roof with their part most thin and long, non-invasive and well incorporated into the lines that are woven.

If the approach is New Zen can not miss plants to give life to the space and establish a deep sense of belonging. They will be more a decoration alternating with geometric lines.


The philosophy of flowing according Sicis
The journey of Zerosettanta Studio starts in Tuscany. The A/W Collection 2015/2016

The journey of Zerosettanta Studio starts in Tuscany. The A/W Collection 2015/2016

Marsala, pomegranate, but also coriander, thyme, liquorice: not only flavours,

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