Brunello Cucinelli launches a new social contract with Creation


Brunello Cucinelli writes an open letter to Creation:

“For some time, in this year, our life has been accompanied by an unexpected and unwanted travel companion, who in the form of a pandemic virus roams the entire planet causing pain to the body and spirit of human people , with an unpredictable and exhausting trend, now slow, now accelerated, now mild, now cruel, in the alternation of glimpsed and immediately disappointed hopes. It seems to witness a sort of struggle between biology and the earth, which lasts a long time, and finally, here is that Creation itself has asked us for help. Now I believe that it is up to us, human persons, as a moral imperative, to respond to this important and urgent request; and I am thinking of a sort of new social contract with Creation ”

“The social contract”, continues the cashmere entrepreneur, “is an ancient idea, which dates back to Plato, Aristotle, and then, closer to us, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, and finally Rousseau, who dedicated a book. The contract that I imagine is new because it does not concern only human persons, but also includes every other element of Creation”.

“I like to dream”, Cucinelli writes again, “that future generations will be able to live where they believe they recognize their homeland, and will have the whole world as a free choice; if they can see in the great migrations of people an opportunity rather than a danger , if for them the repair and reuse of objects will prevail over the temptation to throw away, if the State and the laws will not be considered obligations imposed but means of civil life to be respected for a more just life; if they will be able to develop technology and humanity as lovable sisters , if every corner of the planet will be considered the patrimony of each and every one and finally, if, as Adriano Imperatore thought, they will be able to consider books as the granaries of the soul, they will be happy “.

“Such is”, he concludes, “the social contract that I would like to stipulate with Creation, such is the help that I feel I want to give as an amiable response to such a caring keeper”.

source ANSA

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