Excellence Magazine interviews Francesca Isgrò

For our excellent interviews, we have the honor of meeting a true female excellence, which is presented by Dr. Lo Mastro, in this chat conducted by Camilla Nata.

Lo Mastro: It is a great pleasure to present a woman who I respect because she is a performing professional and a woman with a human profile of great value, the lawyer Francesca Isgró, president of ENAV.

Camilla Nata: So let’s see who Francesca ISGRÓ is and how her passion for the profession of lawyer was born.

I pursued this dream until I managed to see it come true by graduating in Law, at the University of Messina and with the oath, after passing the state exam, for the qualification to practice.

Since I was a little girl, those ideals of justice were already alive in me, which in a broad sense I have always supported – and I support – must be the principle that will always act as a beacon for our country.

I am an administrative lawyer and, from May 2020, with great pride, I was appointed President of ENAV S.p.A., the company that manages civil air traffic in Italy.

ENAV aims to propose itself as a model of sustainable development, what is the role of women in a society like this that manages civil air traffic in Italy?

ENAV was first among the public service companies for gender equality. On the part of innovation and safety, I have always had a stimulus above all from the evolution of regulatory contexts related to critical infrastructures and new technologies.

Successful lawyer and manager or woman who loves her family?

Why can’t you be both? Seriously, commitment, determination, perseverance and enthusiasm have characterized my life, both for my professional career and for my family. In fact, I have a husband and two children who have supported me, support me and give me courage at any moment, whether positive or difficult … Being a mother is an element that enlightens and completes me.

I now leave the floor to Dr. Lomastro to conclude our interview with the usual ritual question

Thank you Camilla and in this case I am very pleased to ask the lawyer and the question is this … what is your excellence for you, is a question that distinguishes all our interviews.

Excellence for me is a path, where any set goal is to be reached only with a path made of a spirit of responsibility, full awareness of the role that takes place and of the reality in which one is called to operate. The oxygen that is needed, especially in difficult climbs, is empathy with your collaborators.

Our editorial staff includes people with different professional backgrounds who share a passion for writing and who want to create and develop a dialogue with their readers and with the world.

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