Riccardo Maria Monti CEO of Triboo


Interview conducted before the Coronavirus emergency

A new interview with Anita Lo Mastro, who in the splendid setting of the Hotel Regina Baglioni in Rome, meets Riccardo Maria Monti, a character of excellence already known to us as President of the ICE and Italfer, today CEO of Triboo, which mainly deals with digital.

A new role in one of the most active and innovative companies in the digital world. What are your goals?

The challenge of digital has always attracted me, I worked a lot in this sector several years ago when I founded, together with other partners, the Vippi web, which then became Valeoutim which we then sold to the Japanese group NTT DATA. In recent years, digital has turned our lives upside down, just think of social media and the impact they have on our lives on politics and institutions and e-commerce that in fact 10-15 years ago did not exist and has now become one of the most important mega trends.

Triboo is the leading Italian B2B operator of sites and e-commerce and the 3rd digital publisher in Italy and is the first digital agency. We deal with creative projects, services for digital businesses. Triboo is listed on the stock exchange, it is a very young company with about 500 employees with an average age of 29 years, with a lot of energy.

We work in China, in the Middle East, we are present in London and in Madrid we are growing and it is a very fun, very stimulating environment. After a few years spent inside the institutions I will tell you that it is a great pleasure to be among many young people in a place with a lot of energy, informal and with very few rules.

Informal … to a certain point I imagine, given your position as President of the Italy Emirati Association. What are the projects related to Expo 2020?

The Italia Emirati association is an extremely interesting association as it brings together the main corporations active in the two countries in a year when Expo is approaching, which will begin in October 2020, an important and particular moment Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are close to sta creating a single large Gulf district, the country is starting up on the integration of the GCC Gulf Cooperation Countries and in this mega process Expo Dubai 2020 can be a catalyst system.

The Italy that is developing a wonderful pavilion I am convinced that as for Milan and Shanghai it will be one of the first 3/4 most visited pavilions, there is much to do on the infrastructure part but now there is work to be done on the contents and the Italy Emirati association will try to make its contribution to generate initiatives and events at the turn of this wonderful Expo 2020 program to enhance Italy and its role as a major industrial player in the Persian Gulf.

I guess there is always some new project?

Projects at the moment I have many. I have never left my entrepreneurial soul, I have created many start-ups.

I strongly believe in the revival of the south and I have written a book on how to revive this air of our country.

My start-ups are all in Naples where my roots are and at the moment I am working on a couple of very interesting initiatives, one in digital with a web platform that optimizes the offer of wines and alcohol for the Eureca restaurant and travel sector and another platform on electric mobility. All initiatives that I hope will find an international outlet and in the meantime, already giving jobs to many young people.

Can we think of a partnership between the Italy Emirates Association and Excellence Emirates?

Absolutely yes, it is natural that Excellence can be a very interesting vehicle and I am convinced that we can make a contribution.

Thanks for taking the time.


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