Sergio Brizzo: Clarity of Mind, Resolve, and a lot of Energy to face the Covid-19 emergency

We interviewed Sergio Brizzo, Founder and CEO of Across:

a few days ago, you wrote a letter to young entrepreneurs. What prompted you to do this?

My mood and feelings at the time – knowing that for the first time, we young entrepreneurs were being called to face a seriously critical moment in our country’s history. We strive daily to make our businesses grow, as we need them to stand change and challenging situations, but a crisis like the one we are now experiencing is certainly a first for entrepreneurs under 30, who do not have any previous experiences to refer to. This is why I wrote this letter, to send a message of encouragement to anyone  who, like me, has had to rapidly adjust and try to rise up to this challenge.

We are living in complicated times. What do you think of the way the media have been communicating?

I surely have a positive opinion of this. I believe that the media have been showing the proper sensitivity and an excellent vision at this delicate time. Especially now, it is essential to communicate in a realistic, measured way, and to send relevant, meaningful messages of belonging and support.

In your letter, you encourage young entrepreneurs  to be strong and determined in face of what will come after the crisis. What actions will be necessary?

Insisting on process automation and promoting the user experience, with a view to increasingly prioritizing consumers’ needs and wishes. I think that these are the two main issues, which make it so that businesses are better disposed to offering a better service to end customers.

Do you think corporatism could provide mutual support, and help to find strength and new ideas?

Yes, definitely. Today, the socioeconomic situation in Italy is extremely complex and variable. It is crucial to be responsive, find new solutions, and develop synergies. I have a feeling that many Italian communities are now joining forces to try and overcome this complex situation together.

Is it important to discuss and identify strategies to motivate your team, especially at a time like this?

It always is, and even more now. Experiences like these teach us how crucial it is to build solid relationships within a team, and how essential to work on effective communication, whenever possible. A bond of trust among all business departments, and the willingness to delegate, should be built day by day in ordinary conditions. Enabling everyone to be independent in order to make the team stronger, giving responsibilities without anyone feeling abandoned. These are the best practices (easy to say, harder to do) to follow every day.

Entrepreneurs under 30, skills, flexibility, and open mindedness. What else should be developed to prepare for recovery?

Clarity of mind, resolve, and a lot of energy. Watching out for emerging technologies bound to have a significant impact on users. Once this moment is over, we will surely remember a lot from it, and many of our habits and customs will change. Meanwhile, we have a duty to look for new solutions to rebuild the economy in the future. Recovery will not be easy, but as I wrote in my letter, hard times make strong men and women, and entrepreneurs have an obligation to keep a positive mind about their goals.

Sergio Brizzo is Founder and CEO of Across S.r.l., Turin-based company specialized in performance marketing and web advertising. Doctor of Statistical Sciences, at only twenty-two he started Across and, over five years, he expanded his business by transforming it into a leading company in the sector. In 2016 he launched the project, a site for comparing rates on the main utilities, founding a structured company that today has its own internal call center for the closure of energy and telco contracts.

In 2019 Across was included in the prestigious Financial Times rankings, 1000 Europe’s Fastes Growing Companies, and in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA.

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