Tie the knot and white gloves in your home.

Who is a butler? Inside any ‘House of Luxury’ a guest is cared for by a personal butler, who also acts as ultra efficient personal assistant. The butler, a man or a lady, can become a prestigious event planner, booking the best possible restaurants or organising important meetings. Your butler can get you tickets in advance to that museum or art gallery so that you can avoid tedious queues. As for shopping, the butler provides delicate and discrete assistance for every guest, serious but never invasive. His services are professional and unique.

The Italian Association of Butlers, formed today by professionals from various sectors, aims to promote the figure and the profession of the butler. A professional figure who is spreading everywhere, and increasingly required in private homes for events, holidays, in ships or in luxury hotels… and now also for weddings. The Association promotes thematic meetings and courses for updating the members and for the training of new professionals.


Associazione Italiana Maggiordomi





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