Afternoon Tea at Villa Branca to celebrate the presentation of an exclusive penthouse

As a result of the successful Open House, which took place on the 22nd and 23rd September with the participation of Melide’s mayor, Angelo Geninazzi,  another event has opened the doors of Villa Branca, the wonderful residence with a suggestive view on Lake Lugano, transformed by  Chiancianesi&Longoni  into flats whose main features are vanguard, craftsmanship, luxury and design: the Afternoon Tea of 23rd November 2017.

The Afternoon Tea took place from 15.00 until 18.00  and during it, the guests could find out a preview of his drawings referred to this exclusive penthouse, entirely designed by Arrigo Baj, the architect who “whispers to houses”. “The project of the Penthouse of Villa Branca Residence has been carried out, as my professional approach, entirely freehand in order to give full attention to creativity and beauty  during the drafting phase”- claims the architect- “The emotion of a freehand drawing is great, cannot be compared to other digital forms. In the particular case of the penthouse, having an inner charm, thanks to the location and to its project, I tried to mitigate some visual barriers, crating scenographies and a unique out-of-time design, having the purpose to live long satinsfying people of different nationalities”-  concluded Baj, proud of his project and of this really remarkable work. The contribution of the architect Arrigo Baj fully reflects the Chiancianesi&Longoni’s study and working method, namely to create custom-made spaces, according to requirements/needs and personal taste of each customer.

The architect Baj has also created in collaboration with Sir Carlo Belgir, a very cultured and expertised person in the field of theatre and cinema, a collection of textiles perfect for every space. From the most classical velvets and silks, to the innovating textiles made of horse hair or eel leather, each material has been selected to enhance every location and to get complete harmony and functionality in every component. “The five wonderful penthouses of Villa Branca Residence, represent the key point of our latest building project”-  states Marco Chiancianesi, co-owner of Chiancianesi&Longoni- “ The innovative roof garden terraces are equipped with hydromassage, sauna, fitness and solarium: a private spa “under the stars” that only a few people have the privilege of experiencing.



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