Atelier Alchymia

Anyone visiting the great and well organized Alchymia laboratory (located in Lentate sul Seveso) from all over the world every day, can experience the emotion coming from the Atelier of the artistic-designer Lucio Doro, who deeply knows the mirable work of Jacque Emile Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand, Paul Poiret and Maurice Marinot. He is himself a real Master for his pupils on this style, probably the most eclectic one because of its many historical interpretations, the neverending revivals and the contemporary, even pervading, applications. It occurs right today. Six collections which express the blooming Art Dèco style with freedom and artistic propriety of language at the same time. This style, that started at the beginning of ‘900, distinguished decorative and visive arts, architecture and furniture, fashion and cinematography and tried to meet the everlasting human need for beauty through objects d’art and elevated handicraft. Alchymia has been doing this all along. The six collections – Flora, Desdemona, Argento, Damasco, Egeo, Narciso – although having common art dèco origins, represent the creative pragmatism of Alchymia and its flexibility of being at the service of fonded markets all over the world. In fact, we are talking about six free and well mannered decorative interpretations, at times magnificent and luxurious, others geometrical or even abstract, as well as exotic, tropical, floreal or animal resembling. The hands virtue of Alchymia’s decorators cannot be homologated, because there is no reproduction, but always and only production, piece by piece. At the bottom of this impressive design work, there is Atelier Lucio Doro’s history, juvenile studies, specialized schools, work experiences, the history of art knowledge, in depth study of the rich and the longlasting art Dèco period, the wide authors literature (especially the French one), well documented by the company’s library, daily referred to as a genuine and reliable source. The 6 collections are not only a production demonstration for the markets, but they represent cultural and historical references as well, on which solid base Alchymia lays for its evolution.


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