D.S.V. Carpets

The heritage of the Di Sarno family is defined by the passionate pursuit of the finest weaves. For some sixty years, D.S.V. Carpets showrooms have specialized in the purveyance of rare and unique pieces to collectors across Italy, from Caserta to Vercelli to Cortina. What sets D.S.V. Carpets apart is knowing how to choose the right item from the thousands on offer, knowing how to identify the piece that will increase in value and rarity over time. It takes intuition, talent, passion, together with experience, to make such skilled treasure hunters.

These two carpets were knotted in India. The pile is crafted from pure silk and the warp and weft from cotton. 400 line Tibetan knot, i.e. 400 knots per square inch. It represents the highest quality of designer carpets available on today’s market.

Recently, attention has turned to the world of design and the pursuit of the perfect balance between modern design and high quality. Bespoke pieces created on commission, collaborations between designers and artists, and the use of the finest yarns – pure cashmere, mohair, pashmina and wool – have given a new lease of life to the carpet, establishing its new position in the modern world. The world of carpet dealers is indeed a complex one, and one which Salvatore Di Sarno, from a long line of collectors, embodies with the utmost professionalism. Following in his family’s footsteps, Di Sarno’s experience of fine carpets started early; as a young man, he learnt to see carpets as not only objects, but as the legacy of human culture. He learnt to appreciate carpets as an art whose origins are lost in the mist of time, the human expression of ancient cultures tying the mystical and spiritual to the universe of symbols. He can decipher a carpet’s meaning and share it with others who are interested in this profound wealth of meaning, rather than merely possessing an object.

These carpets are also hand-knotted in India. Pure silk pile, cotton warp and weft, 100 line, i.e. 100 knots per square inch. Their abstract shapes, formed by hand-trimming the borders, makes them unique.


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