Carlo Colombo protagonist of Salone del Mobile 2019

Carlo Colombo, one of the most appreciated architects and designers of Made in Italy, will be the great protagonist of Salone del Mobile 2019. His feature and style have made him famous for creating real design icons, objects of desire for contemporary living, rewarded with prestigious awards all over the world.

cap martin sunset_Cappellini by Carlo Colombo
cap martin sunset Cappellini by Carlo Colombo

Flexform, Poliform, Giorgetti, Cappellini, Antoniolupi, Flou, Penta Light, Bentley Home, Bugatti Home, Trussardi Casa, Olivari, Faber; these are some of the prestigious brands for which Carlo Colombo has created innovative elements, which will be presented at the next Milan Design Week from 9 to 14 April.

Charlotte by Carlo Colombo per Giorgetti
Charlotte by Carlo Colombo per Giorgetti

Designer of the Year in Tokyo in 2004 when he was only 37 years old, Carlo Colombo has established himself for his unmistakable style, rigorous and sophisticated, clean and refined. He also created luxurious architectural projects in Miami, Shangai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York …

Albume by Carlo Colombo by AntonioLupi
Albume by Carlo Colombo for AntonioLupi

Cosmopolitan and avid traveller for work and passion, Carlo Colombo spends his life on planes, having dinner in the heart of London and later, taking breakfast in Beijing. His insatiable thirst for knowledge translates into the creation of objects and spaces with a global breath, animated by the eclecticism of different styles and cultures which today characterizes the world of design.

Lavabo Opale design Carlo Colombo
Lavabo Opale design Carlo Colombo

The wise use of lines, geometries and colours that characterizes the works of Colombo descends from his passion for architecture mixed with art, one of his greatest passions.

There is no field Carlo Colombo has not successfully tested himself. Enthusiastic collector of Rotella, Ontani and Boetti artworks, Carlo Colombo shares his time between museums, international circuits and Formula1 circuits, where he races with his vintage Ferrari.

poltrona 784 by Carlo Colombo
poltrona 784 by Carlo Colombo

His love for beautiful cars has led him to design Bentley and Bugatti home decor lines for Luxury Living Group, for which he is also the exclusive author of the Trussardi Casa collection.

To the iconic “Lovy bag”, promoted by Michelle Hunziker, is inspired the new collection designed for Trussardi Casa, what will be presented at Salone del Mobile 2019.

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