Elegance of the Tennis Club Prato

Tennis Club of Prato stands on the hills nearby the town and is totally surrounded by nature.

Restyling of the spaces dedicated to cafe, restaurant and reading activity was inspired by the elegance of English country style lounges mixed with classic Italian flavor to create a peaceful but at the same time sophisticated atmosphere.

Tennis prato


The choice of green as the color of the walls derives from the desire to keep the connection with nature alive and to induce positivity and quiet into the environment. Used in the english green version for the cafe, the color produced a room characterized by a classic and sophisticated style. A pastel green color was instead used for the entrance and corridors to enhance natural light inducing a sensation of freshness and delicacy.

Tennis prato


The use of a boiserie, a large panelled ceiling and a French herringbone parquet in the cafe creates a very refined environment. This design allowed to obtain a very “personal” result featured by a great emotional and evocative value, with a warm, cozy and enveloping character. What is more, the design reflects the most modern and contemporary furnishing standard, without losing in charm, refinement and elegance.


Tennis prato

Undisputed stars of the room, together with the two large bookcases parading cups and the prizes, are the bar cabinet and the painted wooden counter, completed with a Daino Reale marble top. The walls are enriched with decorative frames hosting photos of champions who made tennis history. Four large living rooms composed by armchairs and sofas coated to reflect the surrounding environment complete the furnishing.


Tennis prato

Warmer tones were adopted for the restaurant and reading room, and are highlighted by the boiserie, common thread of all rooms.

The project was signed by architects Sara Bua and Riccardo Ceccarelli from the PURA-lab studio in Florence.


Tennis prato

Photography by Federico Menici



Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

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