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With its great potential to create mood, set the style, shape environments, and influent people’s lives, interior design is the major way to turn the house into a home and make an ordinary office a convenient and inspiring space for professionals and their clients.

The projects of The 7 Studio are a vivid example of how architectural and design solutions can create unique and comfortable spaces for different purposes. This year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studios in Vietnam, The 7 Studio uses every opportunity to offer warm and welcoming spaces for everyone.

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The creative path of the architecture and interior design company The 7 Studio began in 2012. From the first day of its operation, the company has set its sights on creating excellent and stunning interior design services that include creative space planning, designing, and project management for commercial and residential projects in Vietnam.

The studio’s team is highly attentive to the clients’ expectations and always strives to combine customer’s vision and style with the professional designers’ expertise. Each project of the company is a story of transforming the customers’ dreams into perfect homes reflecting their unique identity.

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The traditional scheme of The 7 Studio work on the project includes several stages. First of all, there is a meeting of studio representatives with the customer and identification of customer’s needs and expectations. Then the team confirms the client’s requirements and starts the field work: studying the location, context, and environment.

Having received all the necessary information, the designers begin to search for an idea and developing the concept. For the maximum convenience of the customer and further work is developed three-dimensional visualization of design and space in virtual reality. The final stage of work is a technical drawing, on the basis of which the final project is created.

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The 7 Studio has a large portfolio that comprises various types of projects. Commercial projects include designs for clinics, retail, offices, hostels, food, and beverage facilities. A considerable part of the company’s works consists of luxurious residential and exhibition projects.

Director and founder of The 7 Studio, Pham Lam Hai Dang, together with Ho Thi Phuong Hien, vice director of the company, also stands behind a cozy retail space in Ho Chi Mihn, which is especially appreciated among those who like non-standard and stylish interior and decor elements. The shop showcases the design ideas of Pham Dang and Ho Hien that become practical solutions for homes, resorts, hotels, and other types of projects.

Most of the pieces presented in the shop are products of The 7 Studio trademark. Hien and Dang create the concepts and designs, and the local artisans handcraft the products from natural materials. The tiny size of the shop was enough to demonstrate the interior design expertise of its owners. Every inch of the compact space is harmoniously filled with furniture, shelves with bright cushions, cutlery, photo frames, stylish designer wall clocks, and elements that will make each home unique and give it an atmosphere of comfort and creativity.

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