Scented horoscope: perfumes for those born under the sign of Leo

Spicy, persuasive fragrances enclose a sweet, vanilla heart.

The personality of those born under the sign of Leo is generally endowed with great confidence and optimism, integrity, honesty and loyalty. Endowed with a natural gift of leadership, protected by the Sun, Leo is distinguished by generosity and paternal instincts of protection as well as admonition and leadership. A perfectionist and aesthete, he always seeks continuous self-improvement, endowing himself with great discipline and a spirit of sacrifice. With great passion and a fiery temperament, Leo lives each experience to the fullest, putting his whole heart and soul into it, convinced of the extraordinariness and uniqueness of the undertaking.

The strong, assertive character of Leo’s friends is encapsulated in Quintessence by Manos Gerakinis, a refined woody oriental fragrance created by the great Greek nose. The most exquisite and rare ingredients are artistically blended to balance the mystery of the East with the contemporaneity of the West. The inspiration is to capture the quintessence of life in a single bottle; just a few drops are enough to increase the wearer’s unpretentious self-esteem.

Leo perfumes horoscope

Among the perfumes indicated for those born under the sign of Leo, we definitely recommend Rougewood by Maison Rebatchi: flamboyant accords of black currant and peach blossom, warmed by warm woody and amber notes. Nose Emna Doghri has created a passionate, extravagant eau de parfum sweetened by the gourmand accent of caramel.

Leo by Tiziana Terenzi represents timeless and unfashionable elegance. A stunning circular bottle with an engraved cap is inspired by the great zodiac constellation and celebrates the distinctive features of the Leo zodiac sign. This citrusy, musky and amber creation opens with an elegant and fascinating bouquet, where citrus emerges with exciting splendor, thanks to the reverberation of Brazil orange with South African Kumquat, embraced by Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian mandarin. This effervescent head settles on a bed that becomes deep and sensual with the hypnotic effluvia of Indian Sambac jasmine and precious Bulgarian rose, mellowed by the freshness of violet leaves and the elegance of magnolia.

The strength of the Lion is encapsulated in the entirely hand-forged “armored” bottle of Hemcael’s Abel fragrance: a fruity, woody emotional journey created by renowned nose Chris Maurice, capable of awakening the senses. An innovative and original brand conceived by creative Cael Pipin, Abel immediately reveals itself as amiable, fruity orange meets vanilla and apple notes. The unmistakable scent of Arabian jasmine emerges from the heart notes, while sweet notes soften the herbaceous accent of vetiver and give the composition more delicacy.

Leo perfumes horoscope

A dreamy Leo endowed with eternal charm, qualities jealously enshrined in a fine essence like Agatho Parfums’ Adonis, whose floral and enveloping notes are rooted in myth, playing with hypnotizing the senses like the young and beautiful Adonis versus Aphrodite. Exuding the freshness of wisteria flowers, jasmine, geranium, damask rose and white lily, this essence interprets and expresses the beautiful and damned Adonis as a short-lived flower that “badly fixed to the ground and too fragile lightness owes its name to the wind, and the wind only scatters its petals”.


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