Cadillac Presents Celestiq and Its Sustainable Revolution


The CES presentation has always been a not-to-be-missed event for anyone concerned with innovation and the automotive; the 2021 edition made it even clearer that today, no product launch can have the slightest success if it does not embrace a green, sustainable philosophy.

One of the most famous luxury brands of all times, Cadillac, knows it well.

At the CES 2021, Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, announced that this is the group’s new direction – steering towards more and more sustainability challenges.

General Motors’ goal has led to the presentation of the Cadillac Celestiq, the brand’s first project venturing into new markets like e-mobility.

Cadillac celestiq

All-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, Ultium batteries and a design that has already charmed many: these are the features that have already been unveiled about Celestiq, Cadillac’s new flagship, promising to become the benchmark car for anyone wishing to blend comfort, luxury and sustainability.

Cadillac celestiq

Besides its electric power unit, one of Celestiq’s key features will undoubtedly be a thoughtful interior design: a full-width display and small side displays will offer an all-round customized driving experience. Touch technology will be predominant, as there will probably not be any physical buttons on the dashboard. Another pride of Celestiq’s will be the exclusive Smart Glass function, allowing for a fully dimmable glass roof.

General Motors’ green mission sees Cadillac Celestiq as a starting point for a broader project: in the next few years, the group will bring 30 more electric cars to the public. The most anticipated? One is surely GVC Hummer EV, whose battery is expected to provide a record driving range of 965 km on a single charge.

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