Oasis, the new 40 meters Benetti Yacht


Oasis, the new Benetti yacht designed by the Bonetti/Kozerski architecture and design studio based in New York

With the debut of an extraordinarily furnished 40-meter Benetti design yacht, the architectural firm can literally ferry visitors to another place, thanks to a unique experience of life on board.

Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti
Bonetti – Kozerskis

Oasis, the ultra-chic yacht includes four decks, five cabins, an infinity pool and a yoga area.

Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti

A large open floor plan helps provide an unobstructed view, while large glass windows and doors gracefully conceal to encourage seamless flow between inside and outside.

Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti

As part of Bonetti/Koerski’s nautical debut, the designers experimented with unconventional elements not often found in the interiors of boats, including the teak flooring in the bathtub and shower that creates continuity with the material of the outer cover of the boat yacht.

Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti

To create a relaxing atmosphere, the designers mixed refined materials such as leather and rosewood in an elegant neutral palette.

Oasis Bonetti Kozerskis Yacht Design For Benetti

After more than a year, the yacht design was built at the Benetti plant in Livorno in Tuscany, Italy, an area full of marble and leather master craftsmen whose work is beautifully demonstrated and represented on board.

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