The new dream of owners? Sustainable luxury yacht

This is what emerges from the latest statements from the most advanced shipyards on an international level.

Undoubtedly, those who can afford a private boat do not give up on comfort and luxury, but the new trend sees the explicit request for attention to sustainability making its way more and more often.

Sustainable luxury yacht: craftsmanship and research

To cope with such a complex and continuously growing demand, shipyards that have always distinguished themselves, especially in Italy, for their great attention to the customer, have equipped themselves.

Pleasing owners and combining luxury yachts with respect for the sea and the environment requires a fusion of design, style and research.

The new trends for private boats are no longer, as they did in the past, aimed at transporting the comforts of the mainland on the boat.

The new philosophy of the designers is all aimed at making the contact with the sea and nature that will surround the lucky passengers of the latest generation yachts more and more engaging.

Sustainable yachts: the new features

Design certainly plays a fundamental role in reflecting the new demands of owners: large windows and spaces for enjoying the sea outdoors are the masters.

Contact with nature, however, also means respect for the sea: hence the construction sites have been equipped with sections dedicated exclusively to energy efficiency and research.

From here were born the latest generation boats, which often use alternative energies to power themselves, from solar panels to hybrid or even electric yachts.

Not only that: the last frontier of sustainable luxury yachts is represented by the great research on materials.

Furniture in vegan fabrics, glass, recycled plastics and almost zero emissions are the new, true frontier of luxury, even at sea.

Lucky shipowners are increasingly willing to spend even more to sail the waves on private boats that can truly blend in with the environment without damaging it.