VIII Trofeo Principato di Monaco – Le Vele d’Epoca in Laguna

The VIII Principality of Monaco Trophy Le Vele d’Epoca in Laguna COPPA BNL-BNP PARIBAS PRIVATE BANKING & WEALTH MANAGEMENT was presented yesterday, in the Sala Grande of the Giunta di Ca ‘Farsetti, seat of the Municipality of Venice, an event promoted by Anna Licia Balzan, Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco in Venice, the Directorate of Tourism and Congresses of the Principality of Monaco in Milan and the Yacht Club Venezia.

Present the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Venice, Simone Venturini, Rear Admiral Andrea Romani, Commander of the Institute of Military Maritime Studies of Venice, Fabrizio D’Oria, Operational Director of Vela Spa, and, representing the Port Authority of Venice, the CV Giorgio Castronuovo.

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Mirko Sguario Presidente Yacht Club Venezia, Simone Venturini Assessore al Turismo Comune di Venezia, Anna Licia Balzan Console Onorario del Principato di Monaco a Venezia, Contrammiraglio Andrea Romani, Comandante dell’Istituto di Studi Militari Marittimi di Venezia e il Capitano di Vascello Giorgio Castronuovo

For the sixth year the Trophy – second stage of the “A.I.V.E. of the Adriatic “2021 – is aimed at classic boats. Under the sporting direction of the Yacht Club Venezia, the regatta will be organized in collaboration with the PortodiMare Sailing Club with the patronage of A.I.V.E. Italian Association of Vintage Sails.

After the welcome to those present by Councilor Venturini, Anna Licia Balzan, Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco in Venice, took the floor:

I am happy because this year we managed to organize the Trophy after the stop imposed on us by Covid last year when we had to give up the event. The combination of the Principality of Monaco and sport, which has always been personally promoted by Prince Albert II, is a source of inspiration for initiatives like this which are an important tool for strengthening the ties between our two realities. In my consular activity, I work to create a bridge between Venice and the Principality through the tourist-cultural promotion of the respective territories. With this event we want to create something for the city and its local fabric because we think that Venice should aim for excellence and events of this magnitude are the most effective way to do so

Sagittario Marina Militare (1972)_Foto Maccione
Sagittario Marina Militare (1972)_Foto Maccione

“This year we have two novelties of great interest” added Mirko Sguario, historic Sporting Director of the Trophy and President of the Venice Yacht Club “The Municipality of Venice has included the Trophy among the events celebrating the 1600th anniversary of the Serenissima, a prestigious recognition for an event that, beyond the indisputable sporting merits, reaffirms the true spirit of the highest maritime traditions of this unique city in the world. The Navy, which has always been alongside the event, will host the boats inside the Arsenal where the awards will be held.

VI Trofeo Principato di Monaco Vele d'Epoca Venezia photo Matteo Bertolin
VI Trofeo Principato di Monaco Vele d’Epoca Venezia photo Matteo Bertolin

It is a logistical challenge but we are talking about welcoming a fleet of over thirty boats in the most extraordinary setting of Venice. A challenge that I accept with pleasure and that allows me to remember the precious contributions of Fabrizio D’Oria operational director of Vela Spa and of the Tourism Councilor Simone Venturini always in the front row to enhance and support the sailing sport in its most beautiful expressions in the ‘only stage that allows the public to see the vintage boats up close, real Queens of the sea rich in history and charm.”

VENEZIA 24 GIUGNO 2018 6° Trofeo Principato di Monaco le Vele d’Epoca in Laguna Coppa Bnl-Bnp Paribasphoto Matteo Bertolin
6° Trofeo Principato di Monaco le Vele d’Epoca in Laguna Coppa Bnl-Bnp Paribas
photo Matteo Bertolin

“As in the past, the Navy renews its collaboration for the organization of the Trophy” – said Admiral Andrea Romani – “which takes place in the same week in which our ship Amerigo Vespucci is in Monaco on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the International Hydrographic Organization which has its headquarters in the Principality. The Navy has a very close link with the world of sailing, all sailors practice it in training institutes because it teaches team spirit, essential on board our ships. On this occasion – he continues – the Navy fielded the Palinuro, Vespucci’s younger sister, we will open the waters of the naval base for the mooring of other boats and our Morosini Naval School for a welcome cocktail. Finally, we will participate in the regatta with two boats for a weekend of great sailing in Venice ”.

Together with the Navy, the Municipality of Venice supports the event through the Venice Boat Show, promoted and organized through the Vela Spa company. “Events of this kind that enhance boating and strengthen the city’s relationship with the sea, attracting qualitative tourism in the name of sustainability – which sailing is by definition -, they contribute to the restart of Venice which has suffered a lot, together with the other cities of art, from this long period of difficulty.”Councilor Simone Venturini specified.

“After the positive experience of the Venice Boat Show, whose second edition has just ended” adds Fabrizio D’Oria,”the Principality of Monaco Trophy brings sailing back to the fore in the city with a show that is, at the time itself, sporty and glamorous, continuing the fil rouge of nautical events all year round”.

“BNL BNP Paribas Private Banking & Wealth Management” – comments Stefano Schrievers, Head of Wealth Management Italy BNL BNP Paribas – “is once again the main partner of the VIII Principality of Monaco Trophy Le Vele d’Epoca in Laguna aware of the cultural value and economic of this event, which enhances the strong maritime tradition of Venice and Italy in general. A tradition from which, in this field as in others, derives the value and quality of Italian knowledge, skill and art, now recognized throughout the world. Our Wealth Management combines the most diverse specializations of an international Group such as BNP Paribas, with the ability to be close to our customers through the BNL network in Italy, in order to provide a 360 ° integrated approach in a high value context. added.”

Two races to be held, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June. At the regattas, which will be raced applying the ratings of the C.I.M. (Comité International de la Méditerranée), there will be no lack of famous vintage and classic sails built between the early 1900s and 1975 including Sagittario (1972) of the Navy Sailing Sport, based at the Naval Military School “Francesco Morosini “In Venice, the Bermudian sloop Serenity (1936), Airone (1925) and the auric cutter Mariska (1908), one of the four 15 Meters International Tonnage existing in the world and the” twin “of the Tuiga (1909) of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

There are numerous boats designed by Carlo Sciarrelli, the well-known yacht designer from Trieste famous for his hulls with traditional lines. Among these the catboat Chirone (1974), from which another 6 examples were built, or Auriga (1971) which will celebrate 50 years since its launch or the Spirit of Tradition Isabella, a 14-meter long Bermudian yawl launched in 1999. Gilla will arrive from Marche, the 15-meter built in Germany in 1950.


Planned for Palinuro’s participation in the coastal regatta scheduled for Sunday 27 June in the waters in front of the Lido, the 69-meter schooner ship used as a training ship for the Petty Officers of the Navy will accompany the fleet also during the traditional parade in the San Marco basin. This beautiful three-mast was launched in Nantes in France in 1934 under the name of “Commandant Louis Richard”. After fishing and hauling cod in the Newfoundland Banks, starting from 1950 she was acquired by the Navy, which assigned her the name of the helmsman of Aeneas’ ship.

To enrich the parade there will also be a fleet of about 30 historical wooden Riva associated with the RHS, Riva Historical Society, the partnership founded in 1998 by the Nautical Pioneer Carlo Riva and the Milanese architect Piero Maria Gibellini, his biographer, which brings together the boat owners from all over the world who have made the history of boating. In those days the boats, coming from Italy, France, Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland and Luxembourg, will visit the Venetian lagoon on the occasion of their annual meeting.

The prizes, specially created by the historic Murano glassworks Barovier & Toso, founded in 1295, will be awarded to the best three classified for each of the four categories present (Epoca, Classics ‘A’, Classics ‘B’ and Spirit of Tradition) while to the overall winner the Overall will go.

Important brands such as Diadora, Nature’s, Dolomia, Alilaguna confirm their support for the Principality of Monaco Trophy.

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