The floor to the Merchant of Clouds – Speaking of…Mickey

What would you think if I said that “Reality” is contained in the world of “Dreams”, and that what awaits you outside, which everyone calls “Reality”, is nothing but an eternal fiction? Speaking of a realistic fiction… what about to dive in the cartoon world? Or better yet, what about to let the cartoons get into our lives?

Here’s Mickey! The Mickey Mouse chair was lent to us by Mickey Mouse in person to enliven our exhibition. I’ll present it to you. He told us we can keep it if we like because he can make himself some more. And sure enough this chair stands for the head of the house, it’s the householder’s chair. Mickey Mouse can sit here, or Donald Duck when he’s at home, but definitely not Huey, Dewey, and Louie, for example. So it’s the domestic power that the head of the house normally exerts when he comes back home and feels he’s in charge and unleashes on his family all the frustrations he has endured during a hard day’s work. Yes, there’s a little bit of irony in Mickey. And what about id Mickey could get in the world of dreams? Well, it would become the Mickey of dreams!  The armchair becomes gigantic and invites you to sit on it, to find yourself a child again in the play of proportions. This is a magic sofa, and it allows you to find the courage to start dreaming again, to believe in your dreams and to fight to achieve them.

Now I think you’re starting to understand my dreamlike world, but there’s much more I still have to reveal!

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