A special event dedicated to Excellence Magazine

Excellence Magazine was officially presented to the institutional, business and political world during the exclusive event held in Rome at Hotel Regina Baglioni, in Via Vittorio Veneto, in July 2014, with the presence of a very select parterre of ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of institutions and entrepreneurs, always at the forefront of promoting made in Italy in the world.

The wonderful evening in honor of the Magazine, ambassador of excellence in every field, from fashion to food, from culture to personal luxury goods, mainly of Italian origin, was strongly supported by Guido Polito, CEO Baglioni Hotels Group, and Anita Lo Mastro, partner of Excellence Magazine, thanks to which many collaboration and distribution agreements were tight.

The “hosts”, together to fashion blogger Edoardo Alaimo and Luigi Lauro, chairman of Excellence World, the international hub of luxury, business and lifestyle, which Excellence Magazine is the official “voice” of, welcomed special guests, such as the Maison Gattinoni, already ambassador of Italian excellence in Oman. The focus on the Middle East, in particular on the GCC area, including Qatar, is in fact one of the spearheads of Excellence Magazine, which is distributed in 5 stars hotels and luxury facilities, economic and financial institutions, as well, in Italy, Switzerland, where there is the HQ, France and, shortly, in Hong Kong. The event was sponsored by ICE, represented by its President, Riccardo Monti, by INVITALIA, and the Minister of Economic Development, who saw in Excellence Magazine a great vehicle for communication of made in Italy. Excellence Magazine is not only showcase of the excellence brands, it is also channel of interesting trends around the luxury world: the new editorial line, starting from the next number of December 2014, makes it a real luxury trendsetter, as stated in its payoff, a tool that captures insight on business and lifestyle, investigating the opportunities that arise from the link amongst the world of fashion, high-end brands, art and new technologies, that drives today the world of luxury.


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