An equation that doesn’t add up

Without a doubt, the cradle of culture, of “made in Italy” creativity and of the many examples of Italian excellence that the whole world envies, and from which it takes inspiration for countless attempts at imitation, is full of extraordinary minds.

Craftsmanship, fashion, food & beverage, research, medicine, automotive, art and interior design fill lives, homes, and hotels at an international level, further proof that the kind of quality that Italians know how to create is universally acknowledged and appreciated.

However, the Italian genius stands opposed to total chaos when it comes to governing and managing the Italian system.
We suffer at the hands of a political class that, regardless of party affiliations, rather then preserving our precious creations, is concerned with protecting its own interests which, at best, do not correspond at all to the interests of those who make our country so unique and outstanding.

Italy, therefore – the privileged homeland of great excellence, of creative minds – is unable to manage itself. Territory, justice, health, school…Endless chaos!

Is it really so difficult to imagine a political class that is able to preserve the immense heritage that the good Lord, first, and the people, then, created?

This simple equation should lead to a de facto foregone conclusion. However, due to the immense blindness and ignorance of whoever takes the helm, we prove ourselves unable to preserve and promote our value.

An authentic masochistic tendency! By now, time is running out: these are the last few minutes of overtime, and there is no longer any room for selfishness, personal interests and delusions of grandeur. If this paradoxical situation is not remedied quickly, we will incur a great risk.

Our present and the future of the new generations are at stake.
Not only will we leave our children with the wrong result of an equation that does not add up, but we will also condemn them to live in the precariousness of a devastated country.

With the bitter realization that less selfishness, less incompetence and less improvisation on the part of the national ruling class could have made them live comfortably and safely in the most beautiful country in the world.

ph. credit Umberto D’Aniello

Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

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