Andrea Albanese, when art is at home


There are things in art that you will never know unless you visit an artist’s workshop

Many like art, but meeting the artist in the place where they live and work is a whole other experience. Just think of entering the industrial outskirts of Varese, Italy, a hilly area with several crumbling, disused buildings and other businesses still in place, a former railway line, and the Olona river flowing on the valley floor.

Here, among the warehouses, beautiful music spreads from a building with no signs.

It is the home gallery of artist, sculptor  and interior designer Andrea Albanese. Beyond any definition, surely one of the most intriguing local artists.

Andrea Albanese Lo studio di Varese

Andrea Albanese is self-taught, a so-called self-made man. An ability hit hard by the circumstances of life, then a life-changing encounter – that with Emilio Tadini* – while he was managing a gym. For over fifteen years, he has been telling about himself to anyone visiting to meet an artist that does not follow the dictates of fashions. His is a sophisticated art, living through layers of materials patiently laid on canvases and objects.

Le opere di Andrea Albanese al Salone del Mobile

At Andrea Albanese’s workshop, conversation is pleasant, and the ambiance is the intimate one of a coffee enjoyed together. Then the eye falls on something, and it is love at first sight, and you bring home some of the emotions felt that day.

Andrea Albanese Untitled

The new series focusing on books has already reached many enthusiasts in Italy and abroad, as well as the interiors of several luxury brands. It is Albanese that created the large panel at the new Atelier Misani at via Cusani 9, Milan, which was fully arranged by the artist himself.

Andrea Albanese book sculpture
Andrea Albanese book sculpture

Andrea Albanese saves books from being pulped. He adds substance to written words, and erases memories, fragments, stories while recovering them. He often adds delicate miniatures that become the books’ new characters. These small illustrations create a timeless narrative, free to tell any story.

Atelier Misani courtesy Loredana Celano

*Emilio Tadini (19272002) was an Italian painter, writer and translator, and headed the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan from 1997 to 2000.




Pamela Campaner
Pamela Campaner
Pamela Campaner has over twenty years of experience in marketing communication, public relations and lobby. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Philosophy with an interdisciplinary thesis in Physics. She is credited with repeated success guiding sizeable communications, marketing, branding and public relations ventures for private companies and business associations. Realizing the central role of image and communication and, because of her personal and particular interest in them, Pamela is co-fouder of an art gallery specialised in photography. As project manager she’s leader of creative teams working on such a project like Milano Gallery Weekend.

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