Aquarius the luxury yacht to circle and discover the world

Aquarius is an impressive, supreme and modern classic sailing yacht built by Royal Huisman. With a naval architecture by Dystra Naval Architects and with a modern interior design from Mark Whiteley, this superyacht combines hull lines with a strong modern rig and a contemporary design and elegance


Made to live a unique experience in the oceans, this luxury yacht is an extraordinary acquisition full of modern technology, innovation, traditional craftsmanship and timeless values.

Aquarius The-Sailing-Yacht-That-Will-Discover-The-World

Designed to circle and to discover the world, Aquarius looks absolutely stunning under sail and is perfect to make a luxury travel around the globe. With an amazing interior design, this luxury boat, Aquarius is a truly special yacht, showing that the most modern superyachts do not have to look like something out of a sci-fi movie.


With its special design, reminiscent of a 1930s cruising yacht, Aquarius puts a shape to the words “modern classic.”

The-Sailing-Yacht-That-Will-Discover-The-World The-Sailing-Yacht-That-Will-Discover-The-World The-Sailing-Yacht-That-Will-Discover-The-World

Aquarius is the embodiment of a timeless sailing superyacht integrated with the latest technology.


Are you ready to discover the world? Get aboard on this sailing yacht and be ready to live a unique!

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