Be Green Tannery Launches Equity Crowdfounding Campaign for a More Sustainable Production


Based on data from the annual “The State of Fashion” report published by Business of Fashion, even stats back up what many are now giving for granted: “circularity” is one of the key aspects and most important trends that fashion needs to follow in order to remain competitive on the market.

For fashion houses, this also means involving customers and stakeholders in the production process, so that they can feel an “active” part of firms’ development and participate in every step of it.

be green tannery

Starting from this collaborative concept, the most prominent and ground-breaking Italian SME in the tanning industry, Be Green Tannery, from Campania, has launched the first equity crowdfounding campaign. The project started a few weeks ago on one of the most renowned equity crowdfunding platforms in Italy, Mamacrowd, and donations have already exceeded the €60,000 threshold.

The goal of this investment round is reaching a maximum value of €800,000.

What Be Green Tannery has always stood out for is their commitment to making their production processes circular and sustainable, especially by achieving the ambitious goal of obtaining a 100% metal-free tanning system.

The high-quality finished products, the nearly endless customization options and the eco-friendly nature of the leather produced by Be Green Tannery make it one of the most sophisticated, sought-after materials for high-fashion creations today.

new luxury is green be green tannery

The tannery’s crowdfounding campaign aims to further reduce their production emissions in order to become 100% metal-free, one more reason for which the company will be one of a kind.

Although many luxury brands have opted to go leather-free in the past few years, haute couture still cannot do without one of the finest, most versatile materials for creating dresses and accessories. Parading metal-free leather items on the catwalks, all made in Italy through successful circular processes, will make every piece even more valued.

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