Bentley and The Maccallan together for a new sustainable luxury


Cars like Bentleys or whiskeys like The Maccallan have now become synonymous with luxury.

The two prestigious brands have recently signed an agreement that aims to collaborate for a new luxury vision that aims at sustainability.

The splendid Bentley cars and the highly prized Maccallan whiskeys will be the center of new exclusive experiences and exclusive products that will offer the lucky buyers a truly “ever green” luxury.

Bentley and green collaborations

Exceptional passion for quality, excellent craftsmanship and respect for the environment are the three great values ​​on which the British car brand is based.

The new challenge, announced some time ago by Adrian Hallmark, Bentley’s President and CEO, is to “transform Bentley into the most sustainable luxury car company in the world”.

To achieve this ambitious goal, not only has the production of fully electric prototypes started, but collaborations and partnerships have started to share this vision.

The Maccallan: sustainable whiskey

Founded in Scotland in 1824, The Maccallan has become world famous for its highly prized single malt whiskeys.

The brand has combined the extreme quality of the product with great attention to the environment: it has always returned to the communities in which it has established its plants, has tried to optimize and make the cultivation methods sustainable and has always turned to suppliers who are attentive to ‘environment.

Prior to the collaboration with Bentley, The Maccallan announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, once again establishing itself as the most sustainable luxury brand in its industry.

Bentley and The Maccallan: the goals of the collaboration

The shared journey of the two luxury brands will aim at sharing knowledge to achieve zero emissions.

Innovative research into the procurement of sustainable materials and sharing of local suppliers deemed environmentally friendly are the other focal points of the agreement.

For the lucky customers of these two brands there will be exclusive events and jointly designed products, to offer innovative and exclusive sustainable luxury solutions.

Serena Poma
Serena Poma
A journalist ever since, I love turning the world's events into sentences and lines that can take readers "inside the news", leading them to explore the current happenings with me through my articles. My professional background has allowed me to gain insights into the encounter of two apparently incompatible worlds: luxury and sustainability. Guiding businesses in this direction as a communication manager and event organizer has made me aware that, now more than ever, it is by respecting ourselves and our planet's resources that we should start to create real value.

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