Cartier: the New Green Soul starts from Lake Como

A few days ago, the shores of Lake Como lit up with the splendor of the new Cartier collection.

Precious and refined jewels, born from many years of research that has brought luxury and respect for the environment to meet in this exclusive event.

The Cartier collection: Sixième Sens

90 creations of the highest jewelry. This is the soul of the “sixth sense” collection. The name of the collection, born after three years of study and research, wants to represent the different levels of interpretation of reality.

Each creation, as explained by Cyrille Vigneron, president and CEO of Cartier Interational, plays on the specularity and reflection of different elements in the same object.

Here then is the water that reflects, the light that modifies sensations and perceptions and the constant dialogue between plant and animal worlds.

The transformation is also perceived in multiform jewels: a ring that turns into a brooch, a necklace that becomes both a tiara and a bracelet.

Sometimes, in short, the five senses are not enough; it takes a sixth to perceive the wealth that surrounds us.

Cartier and green luxury

Talking about Cartier means talking about jewels, of course, but seen from the perspective of an imperishable investment.

The sustainable soul of this collection and the message launched by the exclusive event on Lake Como were aimed at detaching oneself from “disposable” consumerism.

Buying a Cartier jewel, like any luxury item at these levels, as Vigneron explained, means opening up to the durability of a thoughtful purchase, which has nothing to do with consumption aimed at immediate and fleeting gratification.

Sustainability also in practice: a few days ago the eco-green version of a real Cartier status symbol was launched.

This is the Tank Must watch, this time revisited with a photovoltaic dial, SolarBeat movement with autonomy of over 15 years and a strap obtained from a biomaterial obtained from apple waste that has nothing to envy to the finest leather.