Farfetch: almost 80% of customers buy luxury because they consider it sustainable

It’s called Farfetch and it’s a British-Portuguese platform that has been a reference point for years as a privileged e-commerce of fashion, luxury and design goods.

The platform sells products from over 700 exclusive boutiques around the world.

This brand, which has recently also enabled cryptocurrency payments, presented the second report concerning the trends of conscious luxury.

The data from the report on conscious luxury

Customers seem to have very clear ideas: those who chose a purchase from Farfetch’s conscious collection compared to 2021 increased by 60%.

The country that first of all has decided to orient its luxury purchases on sustainability is France, with an increase in the volume of goods by one hundred and forty-nine percent.

The East also has its own record: North Korea recorded an increase of 116 percent in pre-owned items. Always conscious of luxury, of course.

The report then revealed a new trend: not only are customers increasingly oriented towards conscious luxury purchases, but also the major luxury brands have chosen to respond to this market demand with a growing commitment to sustainability, both environmental and with respect to people’s work.

Customers’ attention to sustainability translates into an interesting fact: 79 percent of the platform’s customers are looking for luxury items because they consider them more valid than fast fashion; higher quality therefore means having a garment that can last a long time, reducing waste.

The desire to buy clothes in an informed way is increasingly important in the behavior of those who choose: searches for terms of conscious products on the platform increased by 93 percent compared to the previous year, with an industry growth of almost twice faster than the average of the rest of the market in 2021