Louis Vuitton launches Felt Line: luxury and sustainability for the most iconic bags ever


The prestigious fashion house has announced the arrival of a highly innovative product line: it is called Felt Line and the three bags that make it up are made from a completely green perspective.

Not just bags: an unmissable men’s coat is also part of the collection.

The absolute novelty? Sustainable eco-felt, an innovative fabric that joins all the other materials of the three bags, completely recycled.

Louis Vuitton and sustainable bags

This capsule collection has completely reinvented the perception of felt.

Accustomed to highly prestigious leathers, the eco-felt revolution was greeted with some skepticism by fashion victims.

As always, however, Vuitton has been able to offer a new interpretation of luxury: the three Felt Line bags are modern interpretations of three classics from the brand’s men’s collection.

The Keepall, Keepall XS and Soft Trunk models, in addition to the men’s coat, were made using a combination of biologically certified organic cotton and recycled wool-based jacquard.

The lurex thread has created an incredible, almost evanescent effect of the legendary brand of the house on Felt Line creations.

Recycled materials and tailoring for Felt Line

Completely recycled polyester, coming from stocks present in the company: this is the material of the inner linings of bags and coats.

70% recycled plastic, this is the green material of the details and chains of these incredible bags.

The effect? An alternation of colors that are never the same, which make each bag in the Felt Line collection a truly unique piece.

Moving on to the elegant straps and sturdy handles in a delicate clay gray color, even this realization is not left to chance: Louis Vuitton has chosen Leather Working Group certified leather.

Thanks to this brand, only leathers from tanners certified for their attention to the environment are part of Felt Line.

Serena Poma
Serena Poma
A journalist ever since, I love turning the world's events into sentences and lines that can take readers "inside the news", leading them to explore the current happenings with me through my articles. My professional background has allowed me to gain insights into the encounter of two apparently incompatible worlds: luxury and sustainability. Guiding businesses in this direction as a communication manager and event organizer has made me aware that, now more than ever, it is by respecting ourselves and our planet's resources that we should start to create real value.

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