Masseria San Domenico

Clear water, secular olive trees, whitewashed villages, good bread, rusty limestone and bold Romanesque cathedrals, dry stone walls with intricate textures, fragrant red earth countryside dotted with trulli, evocative watchtowers, ancient ruins, Mediterranean food, Mediterranean sea, mythical stories.

Nowadays, when we talk about Italy, wherever we are, we inevitably talk about Puglia, a magical region wedged between the Ionian and the Adriatic sea, with its enchanting farms.

In Savelletri di Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, after an accurate and philological restoration that preserved the original materials, we find the Masseria San Domenico – an elite destination among the most exclusive on the international scene.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Masseria, “La Luce Che Non Ti Ho Raccontato” (The Light I Haven’t Told You About) arrives in bookstores: edited by Rizzoli, this book collects suggestive images of the biography and history of Masseria San Domenico, with its sister properties San Domenico Golf, Borgo Egnazia, Masseria Cimino, Masseria Le Carrube, San Domenico House.
A truly unique editorial work, in a large format, perfect for diving into a visual experience by leafing through bright pages for a colorful, magical, surrealist, and metaphysical narration of the historic Masseria San Domenico, at the heart of a plain covered in olive trees sculpted over the centuries in “a syntax of golden beaches and exotic seabeds, consular roads and Roman remains, prehistoric dolmens and frescoed caves”.

La luce che non ti ho raccontato

“To interpret our history, our journey, our dreams”, said Marisa Lisi Melpignano, “I was determined to work with a globetrotting artist from this same region – he is perpetually traveling, like a modern-day Ulysses, and I appreciated his creative qualities through his novels and films. Carlos Solito is a profound and introspective author who, through the sensitivity of his lens and his pen, has been able to represent the light and the wind of my visions and of our family”.

With a preface by Giovanni Minoli, ” La Luce Che Non Ti Ho Raccontato” traces the intense and passionate history of the Melpignano family with surprising images and texts because, in the words of the author himself, “If it is true that history – stories – are made by men, theirs is a masterpiece that has changed the concept and perception of a place, projecting its charm and beauty far across space and time”.

And, in order to talk about this entrepreneurial excellence, Carlos Solito starts from afar, just like in his best novels, just like we’re accustomed to reading through his shy archeology of emotions. Visions and poetry, red earth and wind, rosemary and prickly pears, peel and pulp, silences and more silences, ancient whites and pastel colors that seamlessly idealize an ancient and ethereal atmosphere, in an eternal spring. Like Heaven on Earth, as Giovanni Minoli calls the Puglia of Masseria San Domenico in his preface.
A journey through space and time, in which texts and photographs are orchestrated in a sublime narrative architecture, allowing readers to live the story, to identify with it and become a part of it, just like when you enter the rooms of Masseria San Domenico and abandon yourself to the delight of an unforgettable holiday, among the flavors and aromas of the most authentic, pure and luminous Puglia, where the fabulous and timeless vision of Marisa Lisi and Sergio Melpignano becomes reality.


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