Milan: the new star of the skyline arrives, the Torre Unipol

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It will be called Torre Unipol and it is already making architecture and Milanese enthusiasts dream with the desire to feel like protagonists of a true revolution of sustainable luxury.

Milan has been the nerve center and international center of innovation for years.

Symbol of industriousness, elegance, fashion and design, the most modern city in Italy is preparing to amaze the world again.

The urban skyline of the Milanese will soon be embellished with a new, imposing skyscraper.

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The Torre Unipol: the new creation by Stefano Boeri

The Madonnina watches over the construction of this construction site from the top of the spiers of the Cathedral.

The signature of the new star of the Milanese skyline is the archistar Stefano Boeri, who designed this building respecting aesthetic standards of absolute beauty without forgetting the new green fashion vocation of the Lombard city.

It will be 125 meters high and will dominate the Porta Nuova area. Together with the Unicredit Tower, the Torre Unipol – Unipol Tower – di Boeri will house the offices of the Unipol group.

The real vocation of this skyscraper will actually become the new star of the Milanese panorama.

The symbols of the Torre Unipol are many: attention to the green is the first message of this luxurious skyscraper.

The construction materials are in fact for the most part wood and glass, totally natural and light, to create a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of the city.

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Sustainable vocation

Solar panels and a rainwater collection system complete the building’s sustainable vocation.

The elliptical shape, signed by Mario Cucinella, symbolizes the social relationships that will intersect in the rooms of the Nursery.

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Relationships will be the focal point of this skyscraper

The Torre Unipol will not only host offices but also conference rooms, a sky restaurant and a suggestive panoramic greenhouse-garden, from which you can admire the wonder of Milan from above.

Events and demonstrations among the most glamorous of all will have a new location: the Torre Unipol di Milano, which aims to become the new reference point of the city.