“Olafur Eliasson: Nel suo tempo” personal vision of the artist at Palazzo Strozzi

Welcoming the largest exhibition ever held in Italy: “Olafur Eliasson: Nel suo Tempo – In His Time -” is undoubtedly a source of satisfaction for the contemporary artist Eliasson who is decidedly always close to environmental issues.


We are talking about an original person yet of great taste who at Palazzo Strozzi in the Dantesque city, until 22 January 2023, will allow his works to be observed in large installations, with various sculptures, following minimal interventions.

“Grab the art and make it your own” is Olafur’s concept making the visitor identify with the discovery of a myriad of colors in sophisticated plays of reflections, lights, shadows. And this in his very personal way of creating architecture.


In the huge rooms of Palazzo Strozzi between corridors, upper and lower floors, various visions intersect in which the very high perception acts as a guide not only between space and time, but also between history, design, structure.


“Solar compression” allows you to observe a suspended circular disk with a continuously moving mirror emanating dazzling yellow light. Of great thickness, ‘Beauty’, an iconic installation with a luminous rainbow that radiates towards a curtain of fog.

“How do we live together” questions about illusoriness and much more accompanies us on this pleasant journey by reflecting on the high mirror on the ceiling.

As for the windows of Palazzo Strozzi… no windows! Let’s talk about real lenses as a good source of observation.


Extremely measured, simple in its refinement, he says:

This is an exhibition of civic proportions in which the city is a participant. I love being with the administrators and, with pleasure, I tell of having had the opportunity to go to the Academy to see the original by Michelangelo, and also the Boboli Gardens, pleasantly welcoming the garden regeneration project. This  also finding me particularly sensitive to the legacy of the last descendant of the Medici, the Electress Palatine, definitely appreciating the vast wealth of art accumulated between patronage and collecting, donating the entire family collection to the lily city

I believe that experience is what we do by choosing to have it in a context influenced by our experience. We each see different things… wider, flatter, misaligned, or maybe! The fact is that along this path there is water, temperature and light. Light that enters through the windows and, thanks to it, we look at reality as a lens, a filter, a glass that whispers its story between power and wealth. And I conclude by noting that we choose by seeing reality in our own way

Credit photo Ela Bialkowska OKNO Studio – Courtesy Studio Olafur Eliasson

Carla Cavicchini
“Bambina curiosa” erano le parole che sempre mi arrivavano all’orecchio da piccoletta divorando i fumetti rubati ai cugini, scoperchiando i tegami in piena ebollizione, ‘mimando’ persino le Kessler nei loro “Dadaumpa! Ricordo quando alla bambola di coccio ‘ruppi’ le labbra volontariamente infilandogli ben bene il cucchiaio in bocca, al fine di farla mangiare saporitamente …e non per finta! In seguito il mio essere stravagante e bizzarro nonché – dicono - estremamente razionale, mi ha portato a conoscere ed approfondire le varie realtà tenendo sempre accesso il motore del mio carburante non certamente incollato ad una sedia, bensì a caccia di personaggi illustri e celebri, pronti allo ‘spogliarello’ seppur mentale della sottoscritta. Qualche nome? Zavoli, Montanelli, Zeffirelli, Gina Lollobrigida, Dario Fo, Lizzani, F.lli Taviani, Sepulveda, Camilleri, Crepet, Albertazzi, Miranda Martino, Sandra Milo e…mille ancora arrivando a quota 400 e passa! Il mio mantra? Fare della propria esistenza un capolavoro come insegnava Oscar Wilde! Presuntuosa? Osserverei più che altro obbiettiva. La grande attrice Giulia Lazzarini citò l’essere struggente ‘leopardiano’ nel suo ‘modus-vivendi ‘, invitando tuttavia a vivere serenamente, lasciando qualcosa anche agli altri, in questo breve spazio di tempo concesso. Nel frattempo la bimba curiosa è cresciuta scalpitando ancora. E’ grave?

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