Sustainable fashion: biomaterials at the museum

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For some time now, the major fashion brands have chosen to adhere to and pursue values ​​of sustainability and respect for the environment.

One of the most important developments in research in this field is represented by biomaterials, green alternatives to leather and hide.

excellence magazine fashion for good

The exhibition

Everything you need to know about biomaterials can be found at the Fashion For Good Museum in Amsterdam. In fact, an exhibition dedicated to the sustainable innovation of materials was set up right here.

Wandering around the exhibition halls, you will come across fabrics that are completely similar to leather but with the most disparate origins.

We go from spider silk to eco-leather from mushrooms, from dyes produced by algae to leather produced thanks to the fruit peel.

The exhibition recently inaugurated at the Fashion For Good Museum takes the name of Grow and wants to give a definitive answer to questions regarding this new frontier of fabric production.

are these biomaterials really sustainable? How are they produced? What differentiates them from natural fibers? This exhibition will give all the answers.

The competition for young talents

It’s called Grow Talent and it’s a contest that Fashion for Good has organized involving the most promising creative talents.

Specifically, after a selection of over 110 talents from all over the Netherlands, the young talents selected will be the protagonists of a specific course of study on biomaterials lasting three months.

excellence magazine fashion for good

At the end of the project, the talents will be asked to set up and organize an exhibition for the Fashion for Good Museum in which the creations made with these new fabrics will be exhibited.

The peculiarity of Grow Talent? Many biomaterials today are only a prototype, so the garments and creations of the exhibition of young talents will also be an opportunity to see them used for the first time in real fashion creations.