When cardboard makes luxury


It is undeniable that for years now, awareness campaigns have been making consumers more conscious of the importance of helping the planet with small actions, like using less plastic and polluting materials.

Some of the most important luxury brands have immediately joined the trend by paying more attention to their packaging: for over ten years, Gucci has been using recycled cardboard for boxes for internal handling; cosmetics behemoths Arval and Collistar have designed glass bottles with airless pumps that can be easily unscrewed in order to separate and recycle all components; Ferrari and Dom Pérignon have turned to cardboard pouches for their products, and forsook all types of plastic; the iconic Tolomeo lamp by Artemide has entrusted its packaging for transportation to a complex cardboard insertion system, and eliminated all kinds of synthetic materials.

The new trend is also offering customers who buy high-range products eco-friendly packaging – not just to match the brands’ green communication, but also to ride the wave of new purchasing behaviors: according to the Global Sustainable Packaging Report by Research and Markets, 81% of buyers from the new generations stated that they would be willing to change their purchasing habits and opt for brands that commit to respect the environment.

Among these, 65% would pay 10-20% more for products with an eco-friendly packaging, and almost 50% think that sustainability could increase their loyalty to a brand.

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