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Could the Lagoon of Venice be considered only an appendix of this extraordinary city? Very likely it is and, at the same time, it is not. We could run the risk of pushing some fundamental issues, natural as well as artistic into the background.
As a matter of fact, one of the updated luxury trends during the Venice visit is to experience the Lagoon natural beauties with a private leisure boat. This is the best solution to enjoy the landscapes, to visit less known tiny islands spotted around the Lagoon, or for a lunch in a typical restaurant in total relax away from the crowd. Some chances must be caught: on top of exclusivity and privacy bases, we tried last May ’17 the particularly reliable service of Venice Boat Experience, a tailor-made small boat company.

On board of their boat called Bora, a stylish cruiser built by Italcantieri in 1964 and totally renovated in 2015, we cruised around the islands of the Lagoon of Venice with Pietro, a skilled young captain that told us a bit about the history of the city and its lagoon. And we really experienced the lagoon beauties: really unexpected.  We were met by their representative, walked to the pier and boarded the Bora leaving the crowded city behind us. It is really relaxing to have for a full day or half day a comfortable boat at your disposal to cruise the Lagoon of Venice.
About the boat first: The Bora with its padded seating areas, private cabin, private toilet, fresh beverages, and audio sound system for your favorite music, is the right choice for an excursion in the Lagoon of Venice, to be shared with family, group of friends or with someone special to you. The swimming platform and ladder make getting in and out of the water very easy, and a fresh water shower is perfect for a post-swim rinse.

Roberto, Venice Boat Experience manager, has a long and deep experience in high-hand and tailor-made trips and services. He came with us to show how such services are increasingly requested by “Venice friendly” tourists, or by who’s looking for exclusive and reserved chances to discover the Venice water territories in a perfect combination of art, history and nature.

<We use to welcome various requests from our clients, normally groups of 4/6 friends, or families who mostly search for targeted trips based on relax and discretion. We have created itineraries, programs and packages to visit the whole lagoon, from the northern side to the southern side of Chioggia.

One of the packages, just to give an idea of various possibilities, is named Unspoiled Lagoon. < Clients board the Bora cruiser in St. Mark’s area. Cruise around the south-east part of Venice towards the green Island of Certosa, an authentic oasis of peace whose peculiar vegetation is a significant environmental heritage. Pass by the cultivated island of Le Vignole and arrive to the typical salt marshes of Sant’Erasmo, the vegetable garden of Venice that offers some well-known specialties, such as the “carciofo violetto” (violet artichoke)>.
As well as happended to us, customers can then realize how Venice was created from its salt marshes and all the steps of local civilization that made it the way it is today.
Just across San Marco’s basin Captain Pietro describes some of the most requested tours <In the past many islands have been colonized by monks, nuns and religious people.
In Churches & Cloisters private tour we sail through the Lagoon visiting San Giorgio island, also called the “cypress island” as the first settlement of a Benedictine community with a breathtaking view of Venice from the top of the bell tower. Proceeding toward Lido we meet another little jewel of the lagoon, San Lazzaro degli Armeni island , the island was a leper hospital at first and from the beginning of the 18th century a community of Armenian monks settled a monastery.
Heading north, after passing by the island of Sant’Andrea and Sant’Erasmo, get off at San Francesco del Deserto island. Since 1227 it has housed a friary founded by San Francesco from
Assisi on his way back from the Holy Land during the 5th crusade.
Another tour, based on historical temper, is around the “Fortifications of the Lagoon”, and a new chance shall be the “Wineries of the Lagoon”, a unique experience for wine and local fresh-food lovers. All of it, tasted in just few and less known islands of the Lagoon.
I must say that this is a perfect and enjoyable way to settle an unforgettable day out in the lagoon, with no noises and crowd, but deep into relax, nature and history.

To get more information you can contact
phone: +39 0415283547 or +393463116244

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