Excellence, be a part of our world

This project was strongly desired by Luigi Lauro who, over the course of a few years built an important network of entrepreneurs, managers, artists, designers, stylists, wealthy family and royal family. People who represent excellence in different professional and geographical fields and who share the same desire to take part in entertaining events in order to develop personal and business relationships.

Over the years, the publisher has developed a number of different tools: Excellence Magazine Luxury, Excellence Member Card, Excellence Collection and the VIP Lounge events. Every detail tells the story of a family whose founding principle is the constant pursuit of excellence as a lifestyle and as a goal.

The Magazine

ExcellenceMagazine.Luxury starts in 2011 with a very specific business model aimed at developing a new editorial line focused on excellence, luxury and lifestyle, by sharing success stories and distinctive ideas that can anticipate the latest trends and showcase examples of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The magazine is printed in both Italian and English, in order to address both its main demographics. It is distributed in Switzerland, where the company’s headquarters are located, as well as in Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Como, Sardinia’s Emerald Coast, the French Riviera, Montecarlo, Doha, Dubai, and Tailor-made contents, created especially for a high-profile readership, make ExcellenceMagazine.Luxury an effective tool to develop business relationships and reach a selected target of customers who recognise our magazine as a trendsetting benchmark of worldwide excellence. Thanks to its distinctive positioning, ExcellenceMagazine.Luxury has been chosen as Media Partner for prestigious international glamour events.

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