A Story to Tell: CASSETTI since 1926 in Florence

Cassetti, a corner of the Amazon overlooking the “Ponte Vecchio” in Florence

In 1976 the first Cassetti store dedicated to the public opens on Ponte Vecchio in Florence, at number 54r, and in a few years, three other points of sale, specialized in elite jewelery.

The first to present the most exclusive timepieces alongside precious stones

The company was founded in 1926 by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Renzo Cassetti, heir to the tradition of Florentine goldsmiths and silversmiths, in a small workshop on the Costa dei Magnoli in Florence.


A production initially specialized in hand-worked chiseled silverware

The success achieved in the 1950s allowed for an increase in production and expansion, starting a transformation process that led the small manufacturing company to become, in the 1980s, one of the first Italian industries in its field.

In 2008, the important evolution with the inclusion in its windows of Ponte Vecchio of the most prestigious brands in the world of Swiss watchmaking: Rolex, Tudor, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Iwc, Jaeger le Coutre, Chopard.

The desire to be in a unique location in the world immediately set the conditions for customer care and the products purchased to become their main mission, so much so that they have established a relationship with the customer that goes beyond simple sales.


Proudly faithful to the original decree proclaimed by Grand Duke Ferdinando in 1595, who wanted the goldsmiths on Ponte Vecchio, Cassetti has always tried to honor the uniqueness and beauty of its location with products of high artistic and manufacturing value.

Master watchmakers, in fact, teach that the most serious damage found on watches is caused by interventions carried out by unauthorized “operators” and therefore not equipped with official spare parts, unsuitable lubrication techniques and with non-original gaskets; in fact, the parent companies supply original spare parts only to authorized service centers.

Cassetti also created the first watchmaking laboratory in the world with an innovative technical solution: “The Air Factory”. In collaboration with the University of Florence, under the direction of Prof. Stefano Mancuso, esteemed scientist, full professor at the faculty of Florence and director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV) with offices around the world.

The “Air Factory” is the botanical filtration system that uses plants to purify the air from pollutants. The quality of the air in the workplace affects the health of the person and with this operation Cassetti wants to highlight the attention to its collaborators, guaranteeing their physical well-being, in addition to safety.

Botanical filtration, as happens in a wood or in the Amazon rainforest, uses the plants and the substrate on which they are grown to purify the air, and therefore the luxuriant plants in the laboratory, the light furnishings and in line with a green philosophy. , the air devoid of external contaminants, create an almost surreal environment, an oasis of peace away from chaos and pollution, in which the technicians take care of the watches, with movements that benefit from a healthy and free of fine dust.

The Laboratory then becomes a multifunctional space, where conferences and seminars on watchmaking can be organized, a perfect space for the dissemination and training of all those who love the technical and artistic specificities of each individual watch, and also to preview the new proposals. with exclusive partners of fine Swiss watchmaking.


It is pleasant to interview Filippo Casseti, brand-manager of “Jewelery drawers”, while we admire the uniqueness and beauty of the location in which he welcomes us, with objects of the highest artistic and manufacturing value.

Looking out over the Ponte Vecchio comes naturally, in front of the Vasari Corridor, the beating heart of the Dante city, we admire the slow flow of the Arno while the kind and refined gentleman explains that – with a pinch of pride – we are far from the style of other jewelers, from old canons of hanging gold!

Mr. Cassetti, what is taste?

I would definitely observe a combination of the feminine touch of my mother Maria Grazia Cassetti with the entrepreneurship, as well as creativity, of my uncle Andrea from a managerial point of view. Personally I am honored to belong to the third generation with the input “Drawers Style” given by my grandfather in 1926. Other does not mean that to preserve Florentine craftsmanship, as a technique, but above all to have a personalized approach, interface with the customer and more than follow fashions, make fashions, as creativity is a determining factor.

Can you tell us what, in your opinion, are the best marketing strategies?

Staying connected to the customer, our family has taught us to go beyond the selling, just like an old-fashioned jeweler and… why not? Go for nice walks with the customer on the Arno, stopping to talk to the renaioli. Finally, I would like to say that our laboratory is absolutely exceptional as an added value with a double value. We were able to realize the environment and ethics thanks to the collaboration with the University of Florence with “La Fabbrica dell’aria”, a PNAT project as a star-up managed by prof. Stefano Mancuso. An innovative solution for air purification that is good for the environment, for those who work there, as well as for the quality of the watch by circulating ‘perfect air’ when the watch is closed.

A pioneering business!

Pioneers by nature as we have always looked to the future and acted accordingly.

With this green ‘lung’ among the living swarm of Ponte Vecchio.

That’s right, challenge accepted!

Carla Cavicchini
“Bambina curiosa” erano le parole che sempre mi arrivavano all’orecchio da piccoletta divorando i fumetti rubati ai cugini, scoperchiando i tegami in piena ebollizione, ‘mimando’ persino le Kessler nei loro “Dadaumpa! Ricordo quando alla bambola di coccio ‘ruppi’ le labbra volontariamente infilandogli ben bene il cucchiaio in bocca, al fine di farla mangiare saporitamente …e non per finta! In seguito il mio essere stravagante e bizzarro nonché – dicono - estremamente razionale, mi ha portato a conoscere ed approfondire le varie realtà tenendo sempre accesso il motore del mio carburante non certamente incollato ad una sedia, bensì a caccia di personaggi illustri e celebri, pronti allo ‘spogliarello’ seppur mentale della sottoscritta. Qualche nome? Zavoli, Montanelli, Zeffirelli, Gina Lollobrigida, Dario Fo, Lizzani, F.lli Taviani, Sepulveda, Camilleri, Crepet, Albertazzi, Miranda Martino, Sandra Milo e…mille ancora arrivando a quota 400 e passa! Il mio mantra? Fare della propria esistenza un capolavoro come insegnava Oscar Wilde! Presuntuosa? Osserverei più che altro obbiettiva. La grande attrice Giulia Lazzarini citò l’essere struggente ‘leopardiano’ nel suo ‘modus-vivendi ‘, invitando tuttavia a vivere serenamente, lasciando qualcosa anche agli altri, in questo breve spazio di tempo concesso. Nel frattempo la bimba curiosa è cresciuta scalpitando ancora. E’ grave?

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