Davide Campagna: cooking or fitness, what passion came first?


Davide Campagna, a professional dentist from Bologna, Italy, started sharing his passion for healthy food and fitness on social media, and soon became a web star: his blog counts over 7 thousand contacts per month, and his Instagram page soon reached more than 200 thousand followers.

Cooking or fitness – what passion came first?

They were both born when I was little, but I used to pursue them separately. As I grew up, they evolved together, and have now found the perfect balance. It has not been easy, but it is really important to me that they go hand in hand.

When did you first decide to post the picture of a dish you had prepared?

Around seven years ago, at a dinner with some friends. A friend of my sister’s suggested that I should post one of my recipes on her blog, I had never taken pictures of any of my dishes until then. The first one I posted were bigoli – a type of long pasta – with ragù.

In this time of emergency, many brands have been using social media to offer equipment for home workouts. Is there one piece of it you just cannot do without? Or would you recommend a free-body workout instead?

I am going live every day on Instagram to encourage people to train with no equipment, I want to show them that they do not need anything to keep in shape. The only really useful thing might be a mat, but a towel can work just as well.

What is the superfood par excellence that is never missing in your diet?

Avocado! It is surely the ingredient I love using the most, both for sweet and savory recipes.

Your format is having a great impact on social media. What is the secret ingredient to your success?

Being myself, staying humble, and getting involved! Social networks should show people’s everyday life, no need to come up with anything special. Being authentic is always a win!

Your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is black rice, served with pan-seared salmon fillet and topped off with avocado, coconut milk and basil cream. Out of this world!



A professional dentist from Bologna, Italy, Davide started sharing his passion for healthy food and fitness on social media, and soon became a web star: his blog counts over 7 thousand contacts per month, and his Instagram page soon reached more than 200 thousand followers.

His healthy diet, paired with a series of functional exercises, is now a part of his method – which he has dubbed “Cotto al dente” – and the topic of his first book Food fitness: a collection of healthy but tasty recipes, for those who want to keep in shape and have fun, but also for everyone looking for different diet plans, easier to follow.

The section about sport is also important, as it shows exercises step by step with pictures. Pages also have QR codes to download workouts on your phone – just like having a personal trainer always at hand. He is an expert of the TABATA high-intensive training program from Japan. As a marathoner, he has run all the Major Marathons.

Campagna was not born with the body he has now. Since he was very young, he has always looked for diets that might suit him, but he was never satisfied with what he found. With the medical knowledge he had, he developed his own diet and sport method, with a focus on health, and decided to share it on the web. He does not eat any meat, and in his book he reveals that a trip to Australia was determinant to this. He saw a truck carrying cattle to the slaughterhouse, and that is when he took meat off his plate.

Travelling in general constantly inspire Davide’s cuisine, as he loves mixing eastern flavors with the western culinary traditions.

His page is also managed by his sister Giulia, a photographer and video maker.

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