New Curiosity Shop by Bulgari: the room of wonders

Known for its audacious style and vivid colours, Bulgari jewellery flaunts a distinct style. The brand’s iconic codes transcend collections and are visible everywhere: sensual shapes, colourful gemstones, cabochon cut, spiral bracelets and watches, a passion for clean and modern lines, a respect for Greco-Roman heritage. The Serpenti, Diva, Monete and Tubogas collections feature some of the most iconic pieces in the history of Italian jewellery. With 2700 years of Roman history behind it, this 134-year-old Rome-based fashion empire harvests an inexhaustible creative energy, resulting in collections and accessory lines that somehow become even more extraordinary over time.

Today, Bulgari has made waves for another reason: the New Curiosity Shop on 10 Via Condotti in Rome, the location of the brand’s historic store. This new Bulgari space is a veritable Room of Wonders where you can shop an unique collection exclusively available in this magical setting. A futuristic re-imagining of the Old Curiosity Shop, inaugurated in 1905, this new space fully immerses shoppers in Bulgari’s creativity, its curiosity for extraordinary objects, its pursuit of wonders – characteristics that have, and always will, fuel the imaginative energy of the brand.

A light-hearted interplay of opposites, materials, extravagant objects and interior design from the past are mirrored in their contemporary alter ego, intertwined with customisable or exclusive Bulgari creations. A pioneering store telling the world the story of Italy’s unique vitality and art of living, characterised by audacious style, an exuberant spirit and a pinch of folly. Bulgari’s style demonstrates that perfection lies in opposites, this duality pursued in the concept of the store where warm colours, fine woods, plush velvets and retro finishes combine with minimalist lines, heavenly marbles and pure white furs.

Every detail is intended to make the shopper interact with and be led by the magic. The line-up of products, from jewellery and watches to accessories, is defined by exceptionality and customisation. The featured jewellery contains a selection of “Mirabilia“, exuberant
pieces that audaciously play with materials, colours and design: white gold tubogas snakes meet diamond pavés and onyx inserts, oversized sky blue ceramic rings are embellished with cabochon cut peridots, Parentesi bracelets are crafted from rose gold and jade.

For the inauguration of the store, Bulgari presented Condotti10, a mini collection of jewellery consisting of 20 Serpenti Twist Your Time watches and a world of accessories, including the Urban-chic version of the new bag studded with the hashtag #FOREVER. This whole project falls within the wider context of the brand’s well-known love for the city of Rome, the eternal city, the great beauty with which Bulgari is inextricably linked.


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