Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty

Valentina Mingrino                        Responsabile Intermediazione Affitti

Living in Lugano – Trusted personalised rental services since 1926. Today Lugano is one of the most sought-after destinations internationally. For those searching for residential rental properties, Fontana Sotheby’s International Realty offers a personalised service to fully meet its clients’ requirements while embracing all aspects of residential and commercial property leases.
“We offer a complete range of brokerage services”, explained Valentina Mingrino, head of the Rental Department. “Because the services of a notary aren’t required as they are in sales, brokers take on more responsibility, in regards to the owner, when dealing with leases. I believe it’s important to rely on the services of a professional, dependable estate agency able to assist property owners when searching for a tenant and during the relationship created by the lease, providing them with everything you know and offering technical assistance. “First of all, it’s important to understand the type of property being rented, collecting all the relevant information about it, which must be complete and exhaustive, for an accurate evaluation by the broker. In this regard, we document the property with high-quality photographs, ensuring that the promotional materials are professional, clear and comprehensive. Depending on the type of building, we then develop an effective, targeted strategy for quick commercial success.”
Listening and analysing client needs: talk less and ask more questions “Beyond style and shape, there’s substance. “And substance is what divides estate agents into two categories: those that tell you everything about the property and the wonderful services they can offer you, and those that ask you what you’re looking for and how they can help you. “I prefer the second kind”, confirmed Valentina Mingrino, “those that put listening to and analysing their client’s needs before proposing services and benefits, those that don’t have to spend all day convincing you that their services (and they themselves) are the best around. Rather, they offer you better services, tailored to the need you’ve expressed. This is why a certain level of responsiveness is essential to avoiding a dissatisfied clientele. Relying on a company such as ours guarantees not just a seal of quality, but a consolidated network of contacts. It’s important to choose a trustworthy, skilled, reliable and competent professional. You can engage, convince and win your clients over only by letting the enthusiasm that’s within every good estate agent shine through.”


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