Real Estate Guide & Trends 2020


The Real Estate Investment Guide & Trends for 2020 focuses on the various forms of real estate investments and the things that you should look into before investing in one.

Most people still don’t acknowledge how lucrative real estate assets are because of the high risks associated with them. This has always been a major argument people have about investing. It’s true — real estate or any type of investment, for that matter, is quite risky. But real estate is also one of the few investments that’s guaranteed to continue to appreciate over time.

The article presents the trend in real estate prices in the world’s major locations in the past two decades or so. It also discusses the necessary information about loans and insurance that an investor has to consider before making a significant real estate investment. The guide similarly hands out tips on increasing the value of your current or future real estate asset, which may lead to significantly higher ROI.

With the latest statistics, trend predictions, and comprehensive data we compiled in this guide, we, at Precondo, intend to educate the reader, whether you’re an experienced investor or not, on how to make mindful and thorough investment decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to help you make the most ROI out of your real estate assets.

Today, more than ever, is a crucial time to make wise investments that won’t leave you bankrupt.


Based on the information presented in our Real Estate Investment Guide & Trends for 2020, it is clear that Residential Real Estate as an investment vehicle has been performing best in Canada, averaging 6.11% annual appreciation over the past 15 years. By comparison, the US has averaged 2.25% appreciation year-over-year during the same time period.

The data seems to predict that real estate investment trust or REIT may be ideal for most investors. Because of the nature of REITs, the profits are more steady and the risks are better calculated.

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