Rolls Royce: GoodWood, the plant that combines luxury and sustainability

excellence magazine rolls royce sustainability

Mentioning the Rolls Royce brand means thinking of extreme luxury and elegance.

However, in recent years, the exclusive automotive brand has also been directing its efforts towards promoting increasingly important values ​​such as sustainability and respect for the environment.

To make this new course concrete, Rolls Royce has created GoodWood, a real excellence in integration with the environment.

GoodWood: the excellence of Rolls Royce sustainability

Headquarters, design sector and production plant: these are the activities included in the GoodWood building, inaugurated in 2003 with the production of the first of the new Rolls-Royce, the seventh generation Phantom, followed over the years by the Coupé and Drophead Coupé variants, by the Ghost and derived and finally from the Cullinan SUV.

excellence magazine rolls royce sustainability

A sustainable building, a place where craftsmanship and high technology come together to give life to the real “four-wheeled dreams” created by Rolls Royce.

Over 800 employees of the factory are committed every day to create by hand and made to measure the personalized finishes of the interiors of the cockpits.

GoodWood’s production capacity is truly remarkable: around 20 cars a day.

The building has sustainability as a real flagship: since 2003 the site has been ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management and pollution prevention systems.

The building was built largely with recycled materials, recovering and reusing the gravel and soil resulting from excavations for the foundations for the outdoor areas.

excellence magazine rolls royce sustainability

Energy efficiency is at the highest levels and 32,000 square meters of plants have been designed on the roof of the main building that can integrate the building with the environment, representing a refuge for various species of birds and regulating the flow of rainwater.

The house has built a complex of green areas in the surrounding area that covers 170,000 square meters and houses 400,000 plants and trees of over 120 different species, mostly indigenous, creating a real small nature reserve around the most prestigious car factory in the world.