Ferretti Yachts to celebrate their 50th anniversary in Venice

June 22nd – 24th 2018: a very special appointment for Ferretti Group that has celebrated the 50th anniversary at the Serenissima with an exclusive three-day event. Ferretti Yachts owners from all over the world was involved, together with the city, in an exciting program dedicated to art, entertainment and Italian culture.

Celebrations started with a gala dinner at Palazzo Ducale, in front of the evocative “Paradise” of Tintoretto, the largest canvas in the world, and the magnificent “Triumph of Venice crowned by the victory” of Veronese. From the ogival windows of Palazzo Ducale, exceptionally donated for the occasion by the generosity of the City of Venice, guests attended a parade of the entire Ferretti Yachts fleet that sailed the waters of the San Marco basin in front of the most famous square in the world. At 7,45pm, thanks to the extraordinary participation of Aeronautica Militare, the Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, Frecce Tricolori, flied over the city and Piazza San Marco.

Thank to the availability of the Navy, the Venice Arsenal has been exceptionally open to the City and 11 wonderful yachts from 45 to 96 feet, including the new world premiere Ferretti Yachts 670, were moored within the Darsena Nuovissima. The Venice Arsenal has also played host to the second evening of the 50th anniversary: on Saturday, June 23rd, where guests attended a dinner made by Cipriani, myth of Venetian fine dining in the world, and the concert of a great Italian artist, Umberto Tozzi.

excellence magazine fetterriOn the eve of the event, Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group, said: “Show at sea and in the sky in the most beautiful city in the world: when we thought about the celebrations for our brand that gives the name to our group, we wanted something unique and never seen before. With the overflight of Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, the fantastic places generously offered by the City of Venice and the scheduled events, we will celebrate as best we could the 50th Anniversary of Ferretti Yachts and of our Group, a big Italian company whose products are made in Italy in 7 construction sites that employ over 1,600 people. I’d like to thank the City of Venice and its Mayor, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, the Italian Navy and all those who have made the Ferretti Yachts great in these first 50 years of history and which are going to make this event unrepeatable, showing to the world the excellence that our Country is able to express“.

I’d like to thank Alberto Galassi for having chosen our City and to welcome to Venice the whole Ferretti Group, their clients and all the nautical lovers to the fifty-year celebration of a global leader in the construction and marketing of yachts and luxury boats and flagship of Made in Italy – declared the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro. “We are proud to welcome this important group to our City, which has always made the link with the sea and the commercial and relational skills its signature. The Municipal Administration of Venice supports all those businesses that continue, with effort and willpower, to keep the name of our country and our excellence high. Three days of events where water, industry and innovation will be protagonists in the splendid Arsenale: a suggestive location to host, we hope from 2019, a great boating exhibition open to all the most qualified operators. We will immediately start to work together with the Ferretti Group, and other interested primary operators, with all the Venetian Institutions and the Navy to try to organize the first edition of the 2019 Venice Boat Show at the Arsenale“.

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