Acqua Filette: real luxury means quality. Always.

On the green and uncontaminated Apennine Mountains in the Lazio Region, at 900 meters above sea level, there is the town of Guarcino. From it’s source originates Acqua Filette, one of the purest waters in the world. The first historical account about the existence of the spring dates back to 400 B.C., when the Romans dedicated it to Venus. In 50 A.D., in his “De Re Rustica”, Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella celebrated the water of Guarcino as «highly recommended for the health of the body». Bottled and distributed since 1894, Acqua Filette has become famous as a healthy and curative water and has been exported all over the world since 1930s. In Acqua Filette mineral water, the aesthetic sense meets extraordinary organoleptic properties.

Acqua Filette enhances the preciousness of its contents through a balanced harmony of microelements, essential design and luxurious, elegant shapes: the classic Bordeaux bottle is wrapped in a label with an “F” made of silver foil on it. So, in a very elegant bottle, there is one of the purest waters in the world, with a nitrate-content almost absent, of just 0,3 mg/l. Nitrates content is the most important parameter in evaluating waters quality as it expresses the level of contamination of groundwater. Because of the total absence of industrial plants, fertilized fields and livestock in Guarcino Acqua Filette is one of the lowest nitrate-content mineral waters in the world, with nitrate levels very close to zero. In addition to nitrates, total dissolved solids is a very important parameter to evaluate is a very important parameter to establish mineral water’s lightness. Acqua Filette, containing 219 mg/l of TDS, has the best balanced amount of mineral nutrients which makes it perfect for daily use. Although Acqua Filette finds its natural location in the best wine houses and the top restaurants and hotels all over the world, you can now easily order Acqua Filette on It will be delivered to your home in an elegant 750 ml glass bottle.

Because real luxury means quality, always.


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