Aero Gravity, everyone can fly!

Their slogan is also their mission “Everybody Can Fly”, that is the desire to make the flight experience accessible to all

Aero Gravity is the only vertical wind tunnel in Italy!

Their slogan is also their mission “Everybody Can Fly”, that is the desire to make the flight experience accessible to all. Word of the two founders Sandro Andreotti, entrepreneur with long experience in aerodynamics and the bump for parachuting (he is a specialized instructor for the Army Special Forces) and Hazim Nada, a PhD in applied mathematics and a great passion for jumps with the parachute. A partnership that in recent months has also given birth to a new startup, AEHRA, a brand of high-end electric cars.

But how was Aero Gravity born?

Defining ourselves is not easy, more than a company, we would define ourselves as a team, more than a type of business, a passion. The activity of Aero Gravity allows you to experience, every day of the year, the experience of flying in an 8 meter high crystal cylinder thanks to 6 very powerful turbines and an air flow of up to 370 km / h capable of winning the force of gravity and supporting people in flight.

In 2015 a group of paratroopers landed in Milan from the 4 corners of the planet, thought that at least once in their life everyone should try to take flight. Believing in their great passion and experience, they gave shape to a common dream and created a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility, designed by a team of international engineers who also received a special mention in 2017 at the Compasso d’Oro.

For those who have always wanted to fly, in Milan they can make their dreams come true. From a child to a manager, from a beginner to a sport flyer, over the years a reality has been created that allows everyone to experience the thrilling experience of flying.

A great example we particularly care about is the “Disability project”, which was created to facilitate children and adults with visible and invisible disabilities who want to fly or practice indoor flying as a sport. Just a few months ago the first Indoor Skydiving competition dedicated to athletes with disabilities “Handiflyrace” was held in France and our athletes have taken home a world title, we are very proud of it.

Any curiosity about the tunnel?

The tunnel works thanks to six turbines that are positioned on the sides (and not below!) Of the structure and convey the air inside channels that carry the flow up to the crystal cylinder.

It is built according to the Venturi principle, therefore the air is not the same everywhere. For example three meters below the net, the flow loses power to the point that it is no longer completely volable. Obviously that area is not accessible, but we enjoyed experimenting with it all, with ropes.

How do we clean the windows between one maintenance and another? Simple… flying!

Yes, there is no other way to quickly get to the top of the glass when we have to do some unexpected shooting or some last-minute shooting.

And you have to be very careful, because everything that escapes from your hands returns to the flight chamber with all the power of the wind. In fact, our tunnel has a double air recirculation and therefore everything appears again … but first it passes through the engines so there are not many hopes of finding the objects in their original state!

BOGNER. “Seen by Hans Feurer” at the Sozzani Foundation

BOGNER. “Seen by Hans Feurer” at the Sozzani Foundation

On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the Sozzani Foundation presents the

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