An Insubrian flight: Luca Sartorio unveils the ace of his project

Lake Maggiore

Towards further luxury development of our territory.

In the past, it was called “the Kursaal”. Palazzo Verbania, the stunning beacon of Lake Maggiore, expressed its Genius Loci at its best on Saturday, 18th May 2024, when this ancient enchanting building returned to represent the “beating heart” of the society of this land, through the international mood of  “Lago Maggiore 2030” the gorgeous project of Luca Sartorio, CEO of Grand Luino, who motivated his brilliant vision aiming at the luxury relaunch of this lake area to bring it back to its ancient splendors.

The grandiose project had an interesting development during the evening, with the signing of an agreement between Grand Luino and Scandinavian Seaplanes for the establishment of a company with the aim of creating a scheduled connection by air between Luino and Lake Maggiore and the Milanese airports, Venice and Liguria.

from left: Luca Sartorio, CEO of Grand Luino & Daniel Boden, Founder of Scandinavian Seaplanes

The precious villa, with its ancient Art Nouveau decorations, welcomed important presences of foreign investors, some coming from the nearby Swiss Confederation, Germany, France and others via video stream.

During the event, which was also hosted by A.V.A.V. (Sail Club Alto Verbano) and by Colonia Elioterapica in Germignaga, at the meeting that enjoys the patronage of the Lombardy Region, in collaboration with the University of Genoa – Centro del Mare and I.U.L.M. University, with the organizational support of the Cultural Association Amici delle Sempiterne, many representatives of the institutional world took turns such as the Deputy, Andrea Pellicini, the MEP Isabella Tovaglieri, and the Regional Councilor, Francesca Caruso, via video, the President of the Province of Varese, Marco Magrini, the Mayor of Luino, Enrico Bianchi with the Luino Councillors, Francesca Porfiri and Serena Botta.

Seaplane at Colonia Elioterapica in Germignaga

The associative world also paid attention to this assertive and certainly winning project: from the Le Sempiterne Association represented by the President, Simona Fontana, to the Locarno-Milan-Venice Association with the President, Niccolò Salvioni, from the Idrovolo Association chaired by Giuseppe Lapenta, to the Italian Tourist Press Group with the Vice President Ada Mascheroni. (Edoardo Stucchi and Claudio Pina were also present for the GIST).

from left: Edoardo Stucchi, Councilor of GIST; Simona Fontana Contini, President of Le Sempiterne; Ada Mascheroni, Vice President of GIST; Claudio Pina, Councilor of GIST
from left: Edoardo Stucchi, Councilor of GIST; Simona Fontana Contini, President of Le Sempiterne; Ada Mascheroni, Vice President of GIST; Claudio Pina, Councilor of GIST

The ace was dropped in a grand finale at the beginning of Giorgio Conte’s concert, organized in collaboration with the Festival of Theatre and Comedy chaired by Francesco Pellicini when the aforementioned agreement between Daniel Boden and Luca Sartorio was publicly signed.

The entrepreneur led the day with a precise narration, bringing to the table the different voices that analyzed the work in progress of the project with a SWOT analysis of the territory narrated with many strengths and only some weaknesses.

During the day, representatives of important universities took turns, such as Professor Francesco Alessandria of La Sapienza University of Rome, who spoke about the sustainable development of a destination from an urban point of view. This session, moderated by Professor Alessandro Bertirotti of the University of Genoa – Centro del Mare – was also dedicated to communication in consultation with the IULM University of Milan with which Grand Luino is developing a project to build and manage the lake city as a tourist destination. Professor Manuela De Carlo began to disclose the first results of this research. A very important session, dedicated to culture, was moderated by the MonteCarlo Times journalist, Marco Corradi, with the participation of the historian Federico Crimi and the famous composer Giorgio Conte.


The session dedicated to the tools and trust necessary for territorial transformation was moderated by Professor Gabriele Bottino, Professor of Administrative Law at the State University of Milan, who thanked Luca Sartorio as a jurist and expert in the tools of negotiated planning both as a scholar and for his ability to use these tools. He introduced Professor Leonardo Salvemini, expert in Environmental Law and the discipline of regional negotiated planning, who highlighted how the project has all the requirements provided for by law to be able to take off.

During the conference, Italo Corrado, Cristina Roncali and Paolo Oldani, Cristina Dicembrino and the Laganà family exhibited in the halls of the palace. In the conference room, the Serenissima and the Lombard canals were exhibited and served as a corollary to the entire event, which ended with the donation of a resin by Marika Laganà to the enlightened entrepreneur.

from left: John Gandolfi of Excellence Magazine & artist Italo Corrado

Other organizations involved in the initiative: the Italian Tourist Press Group, the Training Agency of the Province of Varese, Rotary Club Laveno Luino Alto Verbano, the Lions Club Luino, the Pro Loco of Luino, the Friends of the Lyceum, Airgarda, 12 sport Club, Aeromodellismo, Cerinotti, Fioridea Luino, Cantina Bottenago.

Simona Fontana

Hotel San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice
Hotel San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

Hotel San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

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