Annie Féolde receives the title of “Mastro d’Arte e Mestiere”

On June 4,2018, in the fascinating scenery of the Triennale in Milan, Annie Féolde – Chef-owner of the famous three-stared restaurant – has been nominated MAM- Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere, for the category Hospitality.

MAM- Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere is a ricognition promoted of the Cologni Fondation of Master of Art, in collaboration with Alma, The International School of Italian cooking that is assigned with biennial lilt. The objective is to reward the excellence in the arts and the skills, the passion and the human value of the Great Masters in different categories of the artistic patrimony among which, naturally it detaches the enogastronomia.

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To the presence of Enzo Malanca -President of Alma- and of Andrea Sinigaglia- General manager of Alma- Annie Féolde has withdrawn this award that wants to bring to the attention of the great public the extraordinary work of some of the most meaningful protagonists of our country.  Particularly, Annie Féolde has received the award MAM for the category Hospitality with testimony of the high lesson of Art of the reception that she knew how to infuse with her job in Enoteca Pinchiorri.

It’s a honour for me to withdraw this award today– has commented Annie Féoldethe Hospitality is one of the main values in Enoteca. Our intent is to put always in the centre the Customer and his request to make him live an unique and unforgettable moment. This is a result that I have achieved also and above all thanks to all the wonderful people that every day works with me in the kitchen as in the room. The Hospitality art for us means really this : an association of intents among all the components of the team, to give an experience personalized in every detail to our guests.

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